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  1. malte

    Pitot test / calibration tool (on a budget)

    Hi Folks, we all know that pitot-static testers are expensive pieces of test equipment. As explained in the "What did you do to save General Aviation" Thread, I am writing technical articles for AOPA Germany. In the issue 01/21, I discussed a pitot calibration and test tool with parts from...
  2. malte

    For Sale 1946 Globe swift project in Germany / Denmark (shipping worldwide)

    I have a Globe Swift Project for sale. The Globe Swift is a two seat sport plane, designed by "Pop" Johnson in the 1940s. Over 800 Swifts have been built. Performance with C-125 engine: Cruise Speed: ca. 120 KTAS Range: ca. 1000 NM Useful load: ca. 500 lbm / 230 kg With the two...
  3. malte

    Design choices from scratch

    Hi fellow dreamers. I have a broader question where I'd like to hear some opinions and arguments from you. I have a M.Sc in aeronautical engineering (RWTH Aachen University) and am working in certification of aircraft, having been part of the EASA certification of five aircraft to differing...
  4. malte

    For Sale Marcel Jurca MJ2 Tempête project

    I have a Marcel Jurca Tempête project for sale. It is currently stored in Rheine/Germany but will eventually move with me to Padborg/Denmark. I have bought this project in a package of two aircraft, but I can only fly one at a time, so this one is up for sale. The Tempête is a small aerobatic...
  5. malte

    Howdy, G'Day and Moinmoin!

    Hi there. I'd like this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Malte (what a supprise!) and studying airspace engineering at RWTH Aachen University. I started flying at age 13 in an ASK-13 glider, witch i soloed just before end of season. Made my SPL at age 19 and then my license for powered...