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    Electrically Powered Aircraft webinar (August 2020)

    This webinar was hosted by AirInsight, a consultancy aimed at the commercial sector so one might say not immediately relevant to homebuilt aircraft. However I must say I was riveted from beginning to end, and I would suggest it is relevant to homebuilt aircraft in that we are waiting for...
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    Yamaha Creating High Performance Electric Motors For Mainstream Manufacturers

    The following quote from this article sounds promising: 35 kW to 200 kW equates to 47 hp to 268 hp. C'mon you high energy-density batteries!
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    Batteries made with sulfur could be cheaper, greener and hold more energy

    Mahdokht Shaibani, Monash University Lithium-ion batteries have changed the world. Without the ability to store meaningful amounts of energy in a rechargeable, portable format we would have no smartphones or other personal electronic devices. The pioneers of the technology were awarded the 2019...
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    Climate explained: why don't we have electric aircraft?

    Climate explained: why don't we have electric aircraft? Dries Verstraete, University of Sydney CC BY-ND Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre to answer your questions about climate change. If...
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    Will it fly?

    There is a Henri Farman model III that was recently imported from the U.S. and now lives at Caboolture, north of Brisbane. I took a snap at the airshow last weekend... Apparently there was only one attempt to fly this particular aircraft which ended in a crash. This type of aircraft was...
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    Model Plane Maker PeterSripol Builds Functioning Electric Airplane In His Garage...

    Model Plane Maker PeterSripol Builds Functioning Electric Airplane In His Garage, Takes It For Test Flight!
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    Homebuilt Control Tower

    Has anyone built and/or seen a homebuilt control tower for a small field? I'm talking about an uncontrolled field that may need a controller one or two days a year when there is an airshow or fly-in. A scissor lift might work, but I wonder if anyone has built a permanent structure (e.g. on top...
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    Electric motor propulsion

    Hi, I was surprised to see that a search for "electric motor" on HBA produces less than one page of results. It's a topic that I've been thinking about for a while, which usually means that someone smarter and with more money has though about it before me... and done something about it. There's...
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    Bombardier CRJ700 Deer strike Charlotte NC

    In the absence of a wind-tunnel or other equipment to experiment I have spent many hours doing "mind experiments" trying to visualise the flow of air around various shapes and bodies. On the 15th of February a deer put a decent dent in the leading edge of a CRJ700's wing... also...
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    Flight Data Analysis

    The thread on the Icon A5 has got me thinking... specifically the paragraph relating to the flight data recorder in the sales agreement. The response in that thread was unanimously negative but I think this subject is worth some deeper thought. I can see what Icon is getting at - the data...
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    Lafayette Wallaby

    Has anyone heard of this plane? Produced / distributed by American Ghiles Aircraft (AGA) until 2004. To my eye it looks very similar to a FlySynthesis Texan (which I have flown in and quite liked.) FlySynthesis currently produces the "Wallaby 582" high-wing pod/boom aircraft but I think this...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all HBAers!

    ...and another year passes where I have learned a huge amount in these forums - definitely my favourite place to hang out on the 'net :) Thanks to the moderators for the time they put in to keep everything going smoothly. I look forward to doing it all again in 2016!
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    Viking SF-2A Cygnet

    Has anyone built or flown a Cygnet? I've read a lot of positive comments ("deserves to be better-known" etc.) and a couple of negative comments about the labour involved in the wings and hypothesizing about stability due to the forward-swept wings (See...
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    Shrouded propeller. Pros? Cons?

    This morning I read a story which included this image: This is Airbus' E-Fan and I immediately started wondering why they had decided to use shrouded propellers. I vaguely remember from previous reading that using a shroud increases the efficiency of the propeller by preventing flow of air...
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    VW 88mm pistons & cylinders on a Corvair

    Here's the situation: I live in Australia where Corvair engines, and associated parts, are like hen's teeth and need to be imported from the U.S. The shipping costs, plus customs etc., are exorbitant and constitute a significant proportion of the cost of the final engine. On the other hand...
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    I've joined the club!

    Well, today I bought a Corvair engine and placed my order for the conversion manual and DVDs. The engine is (quite) a bit worse for wear but hopefully some TLC will turn it into an honest aircraft engine. My dream is to one day bolt it to the front of a Bearhawk LSA - hopefully in time to be...
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    Fly Corvair website down?

    When I try to access I get the message Does everyone else get this? Is anyone in contact with William Wynne who can let him know?
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    MIT course: Introduction to Aerodynamics

    This course might be of interest to some on this forum: Starts August 31, 2015 Length: 16 weeks Effort: 12 hours/week About this course This aerodynamics course focuses on the study of the flow of air about a...
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    OpenVSP 3.1.0 with VSPAERO Released

    I'm not involved with this software - just posting the announcement here as it is likely to be of interest: OpenVSP 3.1.0 brings the much awaited release of VSPAERO, the new vortex lattice solver that has been developed to be a part of OpenVSP. There are a few other improvements and fixes...
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    Siemens’ electric airplane motor

    For the Americans: 50kg = 110lb and 260kW = 350hp. There is still the weight of the batteries to consider... Perhaps that's why the company said: "..the electric motor is relatively powerful, quite racy for a four-seater aircraft..." With 350hp I would be thinking six-seater (Piper Malibu) but...