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  1. Malish

    Wanted Lancair IV main landing gear

    Will buy Lancair IV retractable main landing gear assembly or parts.
  2. Malish

    Wanted Main LG for C-172RG

    Will buy main LG pivot mechanism(both sides) for Cessna-172RG or 177RG
  3. Malish

    GM LS6 engine

    We're using GM LS6 V8 engine in our Ducted Fan airplane.
  4. Malish

    "EVANS" waterless engine cooling fluid

    Anybody knows about "EVANS" waterless cooling fluid? Is it good?
  5. Malish

    Wanted [Wanted] Looking for Piper Cub kit

    I'm looking to buy Piper Cub J-3 kit(metal). Can be unfinished or new.
  6. Malish

    Engine installation on Lanceair

    Who know, what is engine angels to airframe on Lanceair Legacy and Lanceair 320 are?
  7. Malish

    Any one can build/copy gearbox/multiplicator for LS 6 V8 engine?

    We have gearbox in our experimental airplane with ducted fan propulsion system. This gearbox is multiplicator(increasing RPM). It's has two output shafts for spinning two 690mm five blade ducted fans. Gear ratio is 1 to 1,4 Gearbox installed on LS-6 V-8 GM auto-conversion for aircraft use...