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    Rotax prop face plate

    looking for a face plate (crush plate) for Rotax hub plan to use wood prop for re-drive gear box break-in period on test stand
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    gauges/sending units?

    Good afternoon, after putting together a G-1.6A that has a electronic distributor and a Weber 32-36 DGV carb with a Airtrike SPG-4 redrive ,I started it up for the first time this morning. So my question is: considering I'm not using any harness I would appreciate suggestions for adapting...
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    best cutting method for making wood ribs

    what is the most efficient saw to use for cutting wood ribs? thanks rich
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    look forward to a wealth of Info

    working a wood and fabric stol design patterned after a Feiseler Storch. Plan using a Riblett airfoil. Have had my PP for about 10 years which has come after much of my life has been experienced. Would like to connect up with a designer near where I live to share and learn. Work out of my two...