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    Wanted Need a Tach

    looking for a mechanical tach for 065 continental with drive cable
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    Wanted Looking for a prop

    I am looking for a prop for 65hp continental
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    Inspectors or experienced builders

    Is there anyone in the northern Illinois area that is a inspector or someone who has building experience. I have a mini couple that is at the point of having to spend money on the motor. I would like a second opinion on the build quality. All aluminum construction
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    Happy New Year

    Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope in 2010, we all have a better year than we did in 09. To blue skies light winds and some really cool planes:gig:
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    GPS via Tablet pc

    just wondering if anyone is using GPS in a tablet pc ? If so is it just a program that is added to a unit that already has a built in gps? I am guessing that a gps for auto or aviation the hard electronics are pretty much the same but there programming is the difference? I am just trying to...
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    Elevator angle

    Ok I was walking away for my plane after mounting a new front tire ( tri gear ), now all tires are the same size. The landing gear is set so there is only a couple degree AOA in the wing, which is flat bottom. Well as I walked away I just set my level on the elevator and notice that it is...
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    Dacy days

    Dacy airport 22207 Airport Rd Harvard IL (OCO) They are having Their annual day. Its no big deal food and talking about plane and flying, If the weather is good there could be several different types of planes out, Stearmans, experimentals Sunday OCT 4th from noon on, This is just...
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    Mini coupe for sale

    There is a Mini coupe for sale, I believe Lucerne Valley CA. the guy is asking $500 Sam 760-780-2144 The plane looks pretty well built. now cockpit and motor inst, just passing on a deal
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    Has anybody here ever built one of these? I have a set of plans, unlike everybody else it seems that I was lucky, recieved them in about 2hours via e-mail and pdf file( Ithink) I am thhinking that it will be next, after I finish my minicoupe It looks interesting
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    Need EAA DAR

    IF there may happen to be a EAA volenter DAR in northern IL, or even one that could call or e-mail me, I have a kit that I baught that has work done on it and I don't know if I have to have any of it inspected in the partial built state, or is there just one final inspection?? I do not have any...
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    accessory case for 1600 vw

    My 1600 vw has a mounting plate that only mounts a single mag, no starter or alternater. I would like to find a used case that mounts a starter and mag. I don't know if they also mount the alternater, or if that will have to run off the front of the motor. I know that I can get them new, just...
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    making a trim comtrol

    There is no elevator trim on the plane as it sets today,Making the trim flap is easy to do, I question the control of it, Can I use a single push-pull cable, these cables are quite stong in both directions.
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    Another new guy with question

    Well I have gotten my new project home, and have been studying it all day, and have two questions so far. first- the plane is a mini coupe, they would normally have a twin tail. The original builder was building like a teenie two with one rudder, Thats fine also, the question is this. Is...
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    new from IL

    Howdy I am Bob Shea, I am from IL and have been airplane nut for my whole life. I have finally reached a point that I can do something about it. I baught a partially finished Mini coupe, I plan on finishing it, but I don't know if I will get to fly it. I am currently in flight school and...