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  1. Speedboat100

    Propless ducted fan ?

    What am I seeing here ?
  2. Speedboat100

    PIO ! ( pilot induced oscillation )

    Reno 2002 acccident with a Questair Venture M-20. Here is Bonney Gull. Can this happen to any plane or just short coupled ones ? How can it be avoided ?
  3. Speedboat100

    GIMBLED thrust !

    Are there any examples ? Does it increase complexity, weight and price ? If so then how much ? What are the possible advantages ?
  4. Speedboat100

    Air racing...could it become a bigger sport ?

    I recall Reims France held the first races. Since the Reno has kept the tradition alive. Recently Red Bull came out with new idea as well. Early races were held for waterborne aeroplanes. What could be done to make the electric flight flourish ? What kinda races ought to be arranged for...
  5. Speedboat100

    Why some airplanes just don't want to fly nicely ?

    I can display the Messerschmitt 109 R or 209 as some designations are. It was called a vicious little brute. Any ideas why it was so notorious ?
  6. Speedboat100

    How to make an efficient propeller ?

    I woke up at nite and thinking of making a large dia slow turning propeller. How hard could it be ?
  7. Speedboat100

    Elevator can lift 10% of the total lift created.

    I recall one test test pilot told me this years ago. IIRC also airliners are trimmed to so that also tailfeathers carry. Is this true or false ?
  8. Speedboat100

    How to make a propeller driven aircraft go really fast ?

    Some quidelines and examples can be found here: The 15 Fastest Propeller Driven Airplanes Of All Time Minimal drag with extreme power to weight ratio with suitable propeller for the system. What can we get there with reduced power and energy capacity ?
  9. Speedboat100

    How old can you be to start a new aeroplane project ?

    I have a question that has rosen lately as my daddy is in bad shape and the reminder of the life's lenght has become very clear in several ways lately. I am 58 years old and been building prototypes of VAWT wind turbine for 5 years now. An other dude past 70 been doing his HAWT for
  10. Speedboat100

    Kawasaki V-2 600 cc 18,5 hp !

    Could it be a winner ? Also with electric start: Kawasaki Vertical 18.5 HP 603cc Engine 1-1/8" x 4-5/16" #FS600V-ES04 Also 24 hp version available with 700+ cc: Kawasaki Vertical Engine 24 HP FS730V-GS00-S | Kawasaki Engine Store
  11. Speedboat100

    Aeroplane you have to dress into !

    I revcall Spitfire was one. Is it a good idea ? Mark of space saving ?
  12. Speedboat100

    Steel as a homebuilt material ?

    I have been checking out the options for along lasting efficient wind turbine and in the wake of Elon Musk found out that 0.02 mm steel sheet is 30% lighter than a 3 mm plywood would have a blade/wing covering. Could it be used in a homebuilt ? Has it already been used ?
  13. Speedboat100

    Future of aviation.

    I find this Scaled 401 cool: Strange isn't always cool: How soon will we be flying at least 20% of all flight on electricity....any guesses ? Pipistrel seem s to lead the way there. When will the solar assisted planes be around ?
  14. Speedboat100

    Making an "obsolete" fighter into an unlimited racer !

    Do you see there is any sense in this ? Having new wing and fuselage retought etc ? Tripling the horsepower....and other refinements.
  15. Speedboat100

    Spaceflight forums recemmendations ?

    I used to post at the International Space Fellowship Forum, but it seems to have closed down. Any new ones that you can recommend ? Preferably open forums with positive attitude !
  16. Speedboat100

    How to make the instrument panel vibration free ?

    In any kinda prop or engine hazard the plane starts to vibrate heavily. You cannot see the meters any more. How can this be arranged so that the instruments are still somewhat readable and they won't brake down ?:eek:
  17. Speedboat100

    Alnus Glutinosa, Black Alder !

    I purhased few boards of is softer than spruce...but it bends amazingly at 1-1.5 mm thick veneers...I bet it could be used to make very good landing gear legs with some epoxy and glass a mold.
  18. Speedboat100

    Rigid wood structures in aviation !

    Wright brothers did not start to make these first. Many kites and gliders has existed long before them.
  19. Speedboat100

    How far are we from the perfect electric "homebuilt" ?

    I mean that if we could get the most unforeseen ideas implemented to an electric far are we from this perfect situation ? I assume it means: 1. New structural ideas 2. Better engines 3. Battery developement 4. Aerodynamical innovations This is very necessary to get...