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  1. Geraldc

    Rotary valve RC engine

    A larger one of these about 40hp might be a good candidate.
  2. Geraldc

    Vickers Wave update.

    Latest update on the Vickers Wave.
  3. Geraldc

    Hot wire cutting.

    For cutting foam without a fancy machine or using templates I see some people are using 1/16 stainless tig wire and bending it to the profile they need.
  4. Geraldc

    Spark redundancy.

    How do people do redundant spark using two feeds to one spark plug? I am thinking of using computer spark alongside magneto fixed advance as a dual system into one plug. Most auto conversion failures are ignition related.
  5. Geraldc

    Home built side valve radial

    A home built side valve radial.This would make a nice production motor.
  6. Geraldc

    Aerovee magnetrons.

    Anyone know the Briggs & Stratton part number for the Aerovee magnetron?
  7. Geraldc

    choosing wood

    This should be a sticky (pun)
  8. Geraldc

    J3 kitten in wood

    I have been looking at the J3 kitten but do not want to do a steel tube fuselage. Would it be acceptable to use a modified ragwing RW8 fuselage and fit a J3 wooden wing to it ?
  9. Geraldc

    Strip feed rivets.

    Any one used this system? I used one years ago to do bus bodies. Rivets are stronger but more expensive.
  10. Geraldc

    Thread drift off topic etc

    I find I am getting really lost following some threads. Would a feature that quotes the original poster on every reply help us to keep track?
  11. Geraldc

    composite tube

    Has anyone made a tube and fabric fuselage using wooden members with radiused corners covered with fibreglass or carbon braided sleeve?
  12. Geraldc

    NSI Conversion

    Anyone know much about these?I know of someone who has one and would like to know about reliability and if anything needs upgrading etc.
  13. Geraldc

    Old motor

    Does anyone know what this Levis motor was used for?.
  14. Geraldc

    Walter Mikron Anyone used one of these? Would suit a classic replica.
  15. Geraldc

    ignition system

    Could a pair of these and a suitable flwheel with magnets be used in a 4 cylinder auto conversion?I dont know how the advance curve would work.