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    Skydiving, and EXP planes to jump out of

    A Comp Air would work great as a jump plane. Roomy cabin, large rear door.
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    Building vs buying - price

    The point is, no the same problems are not there for a new homebuilt. Everything is brand new. The avionics are state of the art, no upgrades necissary. The engine is brand new. All the installed equipment, avionics, and engine are under warranty so you don't have the same issues as buying an...
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    Building vs buying - price

    For most of us, the hours we put into building a plane have no value. Unless you stop working your day job to build the plane, you wouldn't have been making any money for those hours spent building anyway. Therefore, to consider it a loss not to recoup something that had no dollar value to begin...
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    Building vs buying - price

    I understand what you are saying, but think of it this way. You buy an older plane for 35k. It's in good mechanical shape but the paint is rough, interior is worn, the avionics are pretty dated, and the engine is a few hundred hours short of TBO. First year of operation on an older plane is...
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    Building vs buying - price

    One thing you are missing in you "price comparison". You are looking at the price for a 15 or 20 year old certified aircraft, and comparing it to the cost of a brand new experimental. I built my 4 seat zodiac 640 for $90,000. Please show me where I could have purchased a new comparable certified...
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    experimental aircraft for business use

    A lot of people talk about the "recreation and education" requirements when building an EAB aircraft. In addition to the prohibition against carrying persons or property for hire, your operating limitations will contain wording to the effect that the no person shall operate the aircraft for...
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    Zenith CH640 questions

    I can't watch the video at work, but I have seen the planes they build. It is actually a ch640 with an RV-10 cabin/doors and an RV-10 cowl. That is why it looks so different.
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    Can I put advertising on the plane?

    The rules don't actually prohibit commercial operations, they just prohibit the "carrying of persons or property for hire." Kind of a gray area, but it possibly could be ok.
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    Zenith CH640 questions

    cryan: I have a Superior XP-360 engine with fixed pitch Sensenich prop. My planes empty wieght is 1220 lbs, fully IFR, and performance is honestly right about what is specified on the 640 website. Jon: I'm not sure why so few have been built. I think it is kind of a unique airplane that sits...
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    Zenith CH640 questions

    I built a CH640. While any aircraft designed by the same designer will have some similarities in design, The 640 is quite different than the 601xl. As someone mentioned, the 640 is basically an Alarus with longer wings, a bigger tail, and a back seat. Some areas have been beefed up a bit for the...
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    Flying over "Densley Populated areas" NO?

    Actually, you only quoted a portion of what the exp-ab operating limitations say about flying over densly populated areas. The following is the entire limitation.... " (5) Except for takeoffs and landings, this aircraft may not be operated over densely populated areas or in congested airways...
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    What do you use to wash your plane?

    I've been flying my plane for 5 years and have yet to take a hose to it. Wash Wax All is all I use. Just spray it on, wipe, then buff for a nice shine. They also have a heavy duty version to clean the oil off the bottom of the plane. You can do it anywhere, anytime, without needing a special...
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    By armchair engineer I meant engineers sitting in an armchair with little knowledge of the actual facts of these accidents, or the actual structural properties of the aircraft. I was not questioning anybodies credentials. I have heard of 2 pilot reports of wing ascillations, one while flying...
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    There is a lot of misinformation being posted here. I have no interest in the 601, but don't like to see the spread of misinformation. First off, the FAA has reviewed the accidents, engineering data atc. and feels that the ntsb recomendation to ground the fleet lacks any justification. Secondly...