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  1. Soliex

    Turbine Tail

    Hello all, I've been absent from this forum for quite a while working on solar products and wanted to ask that you guys check out for a simple wind turbine for charging batteries to power lights and tools in your hanger. I haven't set up an online store yet so prices aren't...
  2. Soliex

    Pober Pixie Airfoil

    Hi all I've been working on a Pober Pixie 2" stretch in length and height of the cockpit, I call it the Dixie Parasol. I haven't made any calculations yet of the airframe, but plan on it and may have questions for those in the know. The Pegasus O-100 is the engine of choice and the...
  3. Soliex

    New Old Member

    Hi, not sure I can claim new member because I've been registered in the past (davedpilot). Apparently my profile became corrupt so just been lurking with the popcorn. I decided to re-register and reintroduce myself in case ya'll forgot already. I'm a Tool & Die maker by trade, 25 years ago I...