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    Project for sale, all wood

    If it wasnt the run up to Xmas I would be all over this. The Cuda is a fantastic looking aircraft
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    EAA Chapter membership

    You mean like Jack Pelton.....
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    Is wearing a personal chute with a bail-out system acceptably safe compared to an airframe chute?

    Intereating discussions here. I wear a bailout rig every day as I’m a full time diver driver. Luckily never had to use it, but I have practiced getting from my seat to the door on multiple occasions and it’s not always easy with the rig on, even on the ground. Definitely take the time to...
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    Beech Staggerwing Fuselage Best Offer

    Im surprised they haven’t already heard of its existence. They are surprisingly proactive. They somehow found out I have a copy of the book on the development of the staggerwing that is signed by Walter Beech and emailed me offering to buy it for the museum.
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    Pottier P130 Plans

    Just a wee bump, does anyone know where to find plans for the P130? The link above is no longer valid and cant seem to find anything online.
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    What are some really good plans-built 4-seaters to build?

    I actually have plans for all 3. With regards to support, the Cozy is way ahead in terms of number of builders and the community plus Marc Z the composite Guru answers emails daily and tries to keep everyone on track. The bearhawk has a good community also, but they have the advantage of the...