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    Three blade, 64 inch diameter, Warp Drive prop with bolt pattern for Continental O-200 or Franklin Sport 4 engines. $500
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    For Sale WarpDrive 3-blade prop

    Warp Drive model 64R-3 prop, ground run only. Bolt pattern for Continental. $500.
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    For Sale Warnke Propeller

    Unused Warnke wood propeller for Continental O-200, 64" diameter, 62" pitch. $700 includes shipping within USA.
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    For Sale Warp Drive 3-blade Propeller

    65 inch diameter Warp Drive 3-blade propeller. Bolt pattern for Continental O-200. Ground run only. $500 includes shipping within USA.
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    For Sale Cassutt cowling mold

    Cowling mold for Cassutt, $100. No shipping available; must be picked up in Atlanta, Georgia area.