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    looking for a complete set of Weedhopper building plans??

    i have the complete plans for the building of a weedhopper ultralight. i am looking for plans the use foam board construction, if anyone is interested in trading, hit me up..
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    wing ribs bent over a 16" tire

    i found a photo of wing rib bending over a 16 inch tire, with the tube filled with sand or rice.who has tried this and can anyone explain it more?
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    Wanted vw engine

    looking for a vw engine.something that can be rebuilt is fine. going to build a legal eagle hopefully this winter.just trying to locate parts and prices
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    A challenge to you all

    there look to be some good minds on this site.from what i read here alot of you are very knowledgeable. so i got to thinking, the purpose of a site such as this is to bring people with the same interest together and help the members of this i have a challenge to put toward each and...
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    hey everyone!!!

    so glad i ran across this site. been here about 5 minutes and its wonderful!!!! well about me. i am 38 old years a single father and live in mt sterling kentucky. its a good place to live but a bad place to find people who fly ultralights. i know of zero around. and that i came here for...