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  1. Gareth

    Engine mount longeron bolts

    Hi all please see hand drawn sketch of proposed bolts to longeron for engine mount support, what is the best material to machine these 4 bolts from Cheers Gareth from Aus
  2. Gareth


    Hi All, I have a Electronics International fuel flow/pressure gauge with a gold fuel flow transducer is this suitable for a 160hp(Ej25 sohc ) it say,s in specs that a return line from a carburetor need a function module and another fuel transducer is this the same for fuel injection thanks...
  3. Gareth


    HI All , has anyone have a drawing for an engine mount for Subaru 2004 EJ25 for fw similar to rv 6 Thanks Gareth from Aus
  4. Gareth

    Carbon fibre

    Hi Guys, has anyone used carbon fibre tube for control tubes to aelerons,elavator, strength seems to be 9x steel or aluminium and very very light Cheers Gareth
  5. Gareth

    Hello from Australia

    Thanks for the ad, let me introduce myself , 70 years young just started my second build a scratch built all alum low wing touring aircraft similair to a rv and kr2 and longer/ wider and gull wing doors wing tanks 140 litres extra cab storage for camping gear, 2 steam gauges ,alt and asi and...