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  1. Cass256

    Ridge Runner 3 restoration - "Project Whiskey" - KBTV

    To start, we're going back in time to September 2019. I had just gotten my PPL & was starting my IFR training. I realized the required hours for IR & CPL would cost a lot renting at 180$/hr in the school's 172s (and the 130$/hr Cherokee had just been taken down for maintenance), so I set off on...
  2. Cass256

    Using a sprag/overrun clutch between the propeller & mounting flange

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone, this definitely isn't as simple as I first thought. Seems like some serious engineering would need to be done to make this kind of OWC, and even then the benefits might not be all there. If a RPM limiter/governor could be integrated, it might solve the prop...
  3. Cass256

    Using a sprag/overrun clutch between the propeller & mounting flange

    I searched both Google & the forum to see if anyone had talked about this, but I couldn't find anything except discussions on electric starters. As far as I understand from reading the manuals & forums, all aircraft 2 strokes can't be pulled to idle in steep descents, making them not ideal (&...
  4. Cass256

    Arduino/ strobe controller + engine monitor

    I'll start this post with a disclaimer: I am not an expert on electronics. I do have a basic understanding of most things, and I'll try to make as much sense as I can, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm going to build my own LED assemblies for the nav, strobes, and tail beacon on my Ridge...
  5. Cass256

    Anyone have measurements or diagrams for a Ridge Runner/Sky Raider elevator belcrank?

    Thanks a million! And don't worry if you don't make it out today, I won't be able to pick up fabricating material until next week anyway
  6. Cass256

    Anyone have measurements or diagrams for a Ridge Runner/Sky Raider elevator belcrank?

    This is the belcrank, installed - it's a leveraging & pivoting bracket, attached to both elevator pushrods. I screwed up. During the 3 times I moved while working on this project, I misplaced this pivoting bracket, referred to as the belcrank by the manual. Does anyone have a diagram or...
  7. Cass256

    plans build amphibious aircraft

    I'm not sure if you can build one from plans, but the Searey sounds like a good contender. LSX Kit - Progressive Aerodyne Inc SeaRey The Searey was definitely up there on plane choices when I was looking for aircraft, I'd still happily fly away in one any day I think.
  8. Cass256

    Positioning a 503 exhaust

    I'm getting to the point where I can start running the engine, however when I bought it there was no exhaust system. I've been looking over the available exhausts from Leading Edge Airfoils, and I can't figure out which one will fit properly. The cowling has a hole cut in the bottom from the...
  9. Cass256

    Reducing fuel consumption, PS200 Thermal coating

    I think that's the real kicker behind any thermal barrier, my guess is they're all somewhat fragile & wear quickly. It'd be nice to see actual data from longevity tests, though
  10. Cass256

    Reducing fuel consumption, PS200 Thermal coating

    I like rotary engines, and when I heard about the fabled "Rotapower" engine I had to do some digging. One of the marketing claims of the Rotapower is an efficient coating that reduces fuel consumption - Quite a claim, so I went a little deeper and found the NASA Contractor Report (#195445, which...
  11. Cass256

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    FINALLY done cleaning up this part of the workshop. Now I have to sand out & polish bolt/pin holes on a few parts, but first assembly will start very soon. Still waiting on rust remover to show up at Home Depot before I clean up the landing struts, but my goal is to be back on wheels before the...
  12. Cass256

    Too many barn finds.

    Man, I would pick one of these up in a heartbeat if I wasn't on the opposite coast :(
  13. Cass256

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I just spent a week cleaning it, and I'm still hardly halfway done! No doubt when I'm done it won't stay that way for long, anyhow 🤣
  14. Cass256

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Finally finished the rotating wing stands and got one mounted. It's at a good height for me since I'm tall. (Griplockties for added security, was originally gonna use paracord but couldn't find it!) I messed up though, the center of rotation isn't aligned with the balance point of the wings (I...
  15. Cass256

    Ridge Runner/SkyRaider bungee gear

    Thanks guys, I did find them. I don't have a 3/8in swaging tool and I can't find one for sale under 100$, so I think I'll probably just buy the pre-cut & swaged cord.
  16. Cass256

    Ridge Runner/SkyRaider bungee gear

    Today is a good day. I'm finally about to pick up the last of the re-coated metal parts for the RR3, and it's time to throw it back on its wheels for a while. I talked to a fellow RR3 builder who put a recovery chute in their plane, and he said the original bungees sagged on the ramp under the...
  17. Cass256

    New member Intro

    Welcome to the forum Mark! There's quite a few single-seat, folding wing aircraft available and your choice will probably boil down to XC or STOL capabilities. When I decided to pick up a project my mission was very similar, and I eventually settled on the Ridge Runner model 3. There's quite a...
  18. Cass256

    Anyone view this site without ad blockers?

    It does suck, and so many sites suffer from this problem, but it's also a necessary evil. Without these ads the site might not've made enough revenue to keep operating at some point. I'd rather have a site full of (blockable) ads than no site at all, and relying on donations alone probably isn't...
  19. Cass256

    What might cause low EGT?

    I'm not an expert on engines or EGT probes, but to me this sounds like it could be a faulty sensor. The IR thermometer sounds like a good way to double check those, even if it's just a relative surface reading.
  20. Cass256

    Kitfox with Rotax 582 or 670....???

    If you're looking specifically for Kitfox info, you might have more luck on the AvidFoxFlyer forums - AvidFoxFlyers Forums