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    4 Cylinder Continental GPU's,..Two of them..And Pretty Cheap.!!

    4 Cylinder Continental GPU's,..Two of them..And Pretty Cheap,...NOW WITH PICTURES..! Hi folks,... ..Yes,...... I DO HAVE more PICS to send to your e-mail address. These are commonly called PE-90's.110 HP at 2600 RPM.These are 314 Cu.In. These are the lil brother of the six cylinder...
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    The VW diesels

    Hi All Does anyone have any information on some one using either of the two in-line 4 cyl water cooled diesels that VW puts in their "New Beetle" or the "Passat" in a plane, heli or even a swamp boat ?? I'm all ears, What you folks got ?? Thanks to all who...
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    looking to find

    Hi guys/gals I did place a post in the wanted area , but thought that some of you sitting around the "Fire place" here in Hangar Flying might not see it. I'm looking to find a Radial engine, priced really right, for a proposed hombuilt Any leads anyone?? Thanks so much for...
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    Hi all , Thanks to all who responded I'm now past the point that I need a radial engine any longer................Dave Brand new to your site, looks like a "Going" concern. I need to find a Radial engine (close to complete) for a proposed hombuilt. Some examples would be: The 220...