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  1. berridos

    qudacopter ice

  2. berridos

    Hydrogen storage
  3. berridos

    Liquidpiston not dead
  4. berridos

    Interesting device to change torque and rpm on motors Maybe useful integrated into a variable prop pitch setup?
  5. berridos

    D-Motor Supercharged Version This engine is becoming sexier day by day, hope they survive until my project is ready. They need to add turbo to the LF26 too
  6. berridos

    Nice rotary If they are unreliable maybe mount two of them) Seriously, could they be mounted side by side with a common gearbox that would allow for one of them to fail ?
  7. berridos

    Hybrid For my single seater i would have enough cruise power with 28kw maybe. So thats double than the...
  8. berridos

    Like this UL concept

    Dead simple. Better with a belt driven by an ice. The fuselage should be out of a single sandwich composite plate.
  9. berridos

    turboprop At 31kW (42hp), the fuel consumption was just 15.2 lph.
  10. berridos

    Russian Sigma 7

    Like a lot this design. Never saw a design that could be trailered right off.
  11. berridos

    yamaha Phazer 80hp with rotax c box

    Excellent power to weight and reliability. Really convincing engine
  12. berridos

    XLFR5 Reverse Engeneering Verhees Delta

    Hi everybody I am having a hard time understanding the verhees delta in xflr5. Basic parameters of the original: CoG between 1270 and 1390 cm Cruise speed 220kmh = 62 ms Nowhere is stated the reflex used in cruise, but on the main plans, i measured on an uncommented picture, an up reflex of...
  13. berridos

    Suitable airfoil large thickness, high RE

    Hi everybody I am seraching for a simmetrical airfoil that has the particularity, that it is very thick (20%) and operates at high RE (7.000.000). May somebody could give me a hint on the design characteristics that makes an airfoil suitable for large thickness or high RE environment? As a...
  14. berridos

    Interesting Paper LAR-Stall-Vortex-Planform-Reynolds

    I am reviewing a paper that fits very well my current interests: Would somebody shed some light on the excerpt below and the concept of induced camber? Maybe an explanation that would be understandable for kids would be very appreciated.
  15. berridos

    Orions Cardboard composite structures

    hi everybody According to respected members in this forum the structure proposed by Orion has several benefits over sandwich-single spar structures. I often think about how such a structure can be produced and see several serious difficulties for cases that deviate from a non tapered straight...
  16. berridos

    Reference for calculating the lift distribution

    Hi there I am reading the excellent book "Tailess Airplanes" (in german) and in order to calculate the local lift distribtion they recommend Aerodynamik des Flugzeuges by Hermann Schlichting, Erich A. Truckenbrodt My goal is to make the calculations iteratively in excel. Is that reference...
  17. berridos

    RoofTop Scale testing

    While this thread could be understood as an RC model thread it still is the cornerstone of proper research before starting a real sized prototype and testing on the rooftop at the end is massivly cheaper and faster than producing a ton of rc models with tiny modifications. As i am planning to...
  18. berridos

    VW CAD 3d drawing

    Anybody would be so kind to point me to a 3d cad drawing of the vw 1700? Thanks