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  1. Daleandee

    Bing Carb Jetting - 2 Stroke

    Quick question ... Have dual Bing 54 carbs on a MZ202 ultralight engine. Anyone have a clue as to what the correct carb jetting will be at sea level? I have the Bing jetting chart but it only lists Rotax two strokes. My best guess at this time is to jet them like a dual carb 582 without the...
  2. Daleandee

    Wing Wire Bracing - Flying Wires

    Need some information for setting the wing wire bracing on a Hy-Tek Hurricane. (Phantom or Spitfire Ultralight is very much the same.) As you can see there are wire braces above & below the wing. There are slides on the top wires to tighten the tension. Do I need a cable tension tester/meter...
  3. Daleandee

    Oil Analysis - Do you do one?

    Just a curious question for the group. Admittedly I just begun to do this both for what can be learned and confirm what I believe I know about my engine so far. I've always monitored the engine using what may be considered "old school" methods. 1) Change the oil & filter at 25-30 hours. Note...
  4. Daleandee

    Running CHTs Too Cool

    I thought there was a thread on this but a search found nothing of substance. With the collective wisdom on this forum I thought I might get a better understanding of the pro and cons of cylinder head temps that are quite cool. Yes I'm referring to mine on the Corvair. Mike Busch claims that...
  5. Daleandee

    Who would?

    Not sure who would sell such and engine ... or who would buy such an engine. This is really sad ... Buyer Beware:
  6. Daleandee

    Maybe I'm Amazed

    Amazing that this aircraft flew six times: You've likely seen this before (I have several times) but I'm stunned at what some folks get away with ... for a little while!
  7. Daleandee

    What did I miss?

    Appears he never saw it ...
  8. Daleandee

    Sonex Wingtip Extentions

    The video really doesn't show much but you'll get the drift. There is no company that I could find and only an email address for contact. I'm not interested in these personally but they are said to increase the rate of climb, better cruise, decrease stall speed, etc. They look pretty good on...
  9. Daleandee

    Testing for Resonant Harmonics

    Keep in mind that I'm the uneducated one here so please be gentle. I read the quote below on another forum and found it interesting: "They started it up at night and put a standard automotive timing strobe light pointed at the prop and running off of one spark plug. The prop was appearing...
  10. Daleandee

    Gurney or traditional?

    I've been reading about the Gurney flap and seen an interesting application of it on a Sonex as trim for the rudder: Would this be a better approach than a traditional fixed trim tab in a rudder trim application? I'm pretty dense so please respond with large letters written in crayola colors...
  11. Daleandee

    Got A Screw Loose!

    Likely true of a lot of us but that ain't where I was going ... On Thursday, in an effort to escape the doldrums of cabin fever, I went to the airport to put some air under the tires. My brother was there with his youngest grandson. Zachary is seven years old and had been asking about an...
  12. Daleandee

    For Sale Avionics/Parts (Rockwell 112A)

    A friend with a Rockwell Commander 112A (1974 I believe) is in the process of renewing his panel and has the items for sale that were removed for the upgrade. Instead of a list he asked that I post photos so that you can view the items. He said he would give quite reasonable prices but it's not...
  13. Daleandee

    Garmin's Autoland System

    I gotta get me one of these --- :D Dale N319WF
  14. Daleandee

    Text Messaging Approach & Departure Procedures

    I've been wondering if something along this line will ever make it into General Aviation, that is, the approach/departure controller sending the information to the cockpit by text instead of voice. Seems the advantages would be many. Found this article from a few years ago...
  15. Daleandee

    I have an idea ...

    Someone needed to think of something: How to save money on an expensive aircraft repair! Dale N319WF
  16. Daleandee

    Liability Protection For Homebuilt Aircraft Sales

    Curious ... Selling home built aircraft can have liability that some builders really try to avoid. Lately, on some other sites, I've seen ways that have been taken to reduce or eliminate risk. Some more serious than others. EAA has some good information here...
  17. Daleandee

    Don't Do Anything Dumb

    I've had my share of lapses in judgement. Yes, I've made mistakes, a few stupid decisions, & some not very wise choices. Many times I have learned from the errors of others (you should, cause you won't live long enough to make them all yourself). Then there are times that I can't help but...
  18. Daleandee

    ADS-B ... a question

    I know that ADS-B "out" will be required after January 2020 for operations in airspace that now requires a transponder. I currently have a transponder and ADS-B "in" but not "out". My question has to so with flight following. After the mandate kicks in can I use flight following without...
  19. Daleandee

    Keeping My Cool ...

    Went to a local fly-in today and had a really enjoyable time. But leaving in the middle of the day for the trip home was quite hot. It was 97º when I landed back at home. I didn't have far to go so the excessive heat was tolerable for the ride. I know on a longer trek I could have climbed up...