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  1. Toobuilder

    Question for the Chute Riggers...

    First off, I'm not intending to put anyone on the spot for regulatory guidance here, just an opinion of what to expect: My L39 has cold seats, but the seatback chutes are in place and form the primary restraint interface to the jet. When we ferried the jet to SoCal a few years ago the chutes...
  2. Toobuilder

    Oil Cooler Equivalent Area - Rule Of Thumb Duct Losses?

    Ross probably knows this right off the bat... Given the typical aircraft header style oil cooler (Stewart - Warner, Airflow Products, etc) of a theoretical aperture area i.e 6x7 = 42 inches, how much area is lost to purely mechanical intrusion? Some of it is easy to calculate, like the...
  3. Toobuilder

    14/28 VDC Conversion - Basic Theory Question

    Ok, my electrical engineering accumen ends at basic ohms law, so please bear with me for some very basic questions. My L-39 is a 28 VDC system. I'm using two 12VDC AGM batteries in series to replace the insanely expensive 28 V Mil spec Concorde. The airplane is wired like a car in that the...
  4. Toobuilder

    High Intensity LED Strobes (ACL) - Whats Available?

    Background: Im already running LED position and landing lights, but my ACL system is still based on the familliar HID power supply and flash tube "strobes". The flash tubes are discrete units mounted outside the OML of the tip and I'd like to keep it that way. I have a bad power supply and one...
  5. Toobuilder

    Low Drag Cabin Air Exhaust - Whats Optimum?

    I know a certain record setting RV-4 builder/racer that found speed by sealing up the elevator pushrod at the aft fuselage bulkhead. It seems that cabin vent air was working to the back of the fuselage and exhausting at the rudder and elevator hinge line - creating measurable airframe drag...
  6. Toobuilder

    For Sale Dual Pmag Setup

    Dual 113 Pmags fresh from Emagair IRAN service, complete with factory Lycoming drive gears, hold down clamps and gently used wires. Add plugs and go. Both units 325 hours TTSN. $2400 for the pair shipped CONUS or $1300 each. Mike 661- 816- one eight four niner
  7. Toobuilder

    Ignition Timing Fun On a Dyno - Lycoming

    Some may know about my governor failure and major prop overspeed on my Rocket last year. Well, the mess is nearing resolution and a significant milestone was reached yesterday when the rebuilt engine ran across Ly-Con’s dyno. Since this engine has a fully programmable SDS EFI system, this...
  8. Toobuilder

    For Sale Polished SS Rocker Covers (540 Lyc)

    Set of 6 Titan rocker covers. Installed, but never run or flown. Appear as new, includes SS hardware and silicone gaskets. $140 plus shipping.
  9. Toobuilder

    For Sale Precision RSA FI System (540 Lyc)

    Complete RSA system as removed from my factory new IO-540-D4A5. Servo is an RSA-5AD1. All components have 336 hours total time since new and were in good working order when removed. This is essentially the complete fuel system for a 540, and you should expect to be able to install and fly as...
  10. Toobuilder

    Do Free Image Hosting Sites Exist Anymore?

    With the loss of Tinypic, my ability to post pictures on various boards has disappeared. Im looking to upload, copy the link with the "IMG" code, then make my mark in any BB that allows it. I thought PhotoBucket was the functional replacement for Tinypic, but apparently the ability to share...
  11. Toobuilder

    L-39C FS/Trade

    1984 L-39C. 1375 Hours TTAF, 375 hours SMOH engine. Clean borescope, clean airframe. Needs CI, ferriable today. Has been flying on US registry since mid 90's. Priced for quick sale at $150k or trade for interesting round engined bird 450 Stearman, Stinson SR, etc.
  12. Toobuilder

    Plane Crazy Saturday 19 Oct KMHV

    40th anniversary of the Long Ez. The Rutans and Melvill are guest speakers for the luncheon. Any HBA peeps planning to attend?
  13. Toobuilder

    For Sale Desert Aircraft DA 150 Engine

    Cleaning out the shop and thought I'd offer this up to the group before I do the eRape thing. Engine and mufflers. Ground runs only, great shape. Mufflers have a little hangar rash and each cylinder has a light tool mark on a fin (mounting rash, apparently). Anyone interested at $750?
  14. Toobuilder

    Are "conversations" the replacement for the old Private Message?

    Like the title says. Is the "conversation" feature private, or does it get blasted to anyone who stumbles upon my profile page?
  15. Toobuilder

    New Headset Review

    I pulled the trigger on the new CQ1 headset recently and just flew with them today. This is my first experience with an "in ear" configuration, and the first step away from my beloved Zulu. Obviously extremely lightweight, these initially failed to...
  16. Toobuilder

    Need a Source For Thin Wall SS Exhaust Mandrel Bends

    One can buy 16 to 18 guage mandrel bends in any material from a plethora of sources (I have a bunch of it) but that stuff is way too heavy for an aircraft exhaust. Anyone have a good source for 22-24 guage mandrel bends in 1.75 diameter? I suppose I could just call Vetterman and see where he...
  17. Toobuilder

    High Temp Resin Recommendations

    I'm considering fabrication of an exhaust augmented duct for the cowl on the Rocket. It will be a single, flattened oval approximately 4hx8wx18l. This duct will handle all of the cooling exit air so it will see substantial volume of "warm" air, but will be augmented by raw exhaust flow (like a...
  18. Toobuilder

    Optimized Induction Airbox for Reciprocating Engines

    PART I – GENERAL INFORMATION System under Test 2005 Harmon Rocket II / IO-540-D4A5 (260 HP Nominal). The engine is a parallel valve model in compliance with the Lycoming TCDS with the exception of the addition of piston cooling oil nozzles and a SDS EFI and ignition system. Problem...
  19. Toobuilder

    Inexpensive Stick On Sump Heater

    Well, its "preheat season" and I thought I'd share an inexpensive and effective solution. I've used the "aircraft" pre heaters with the sump pads and barrel warmers before and while effective, their price is, well, tough for me to justify. In contrast, the 4x5 inch, 150 watt unit shown below...
  20. Toobuilder

    Airplane Guy Needs Education: 103 Viability

    Disclaimer: I'm an active "homebuilt guy" through and through. I was at OSH in '81 and '85 during the explosion of the 103 market. My dad thought it was the renaissance of personal flying and judging by the activity at the ultralight strip, it sure looked like it. Fast forward to the present...