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    missing page(s) in Der Jager plans sheets?

    I thought I already asked this a few days ago but since I could not find the post I decided to post again. In studying my Der Jager plans set I realized that many wing construction details were missing and when I did the sheet inventory I fond that sheet 15 is missing - right in the middle of...
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    Der Jager plans?

    Hello all, does anyone have sheet 15 from the DerJager plans? My drawing set is missing that sheet and much wing/airfoil detail. I have sheets 1-14 and 16-19. Is there a "table of contents" or a sheet list for these plans? I woul d like to get an image of that seheet if it exists. and...any of...
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    Aerotique Parasol

    Wondering if anyone on ths board has knowledge of an example of the Aerotique Parasol. prefer unairworthy and no powerplant for reverse engineering effort. Thanks.
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    windshield option?

    I just got this ad and thought it might be useful to others building planes as well. please note that the screen are 1/8" polycarbonate (not acrylic) so they will scratch easier. However, polycarb is extremely impact resistant and was likely not stretched so the thickness is probably very near...
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    Der Kricket?

    waaay back in the late 70s I had plans to Der Kricket. Looks like I lost them at some point. Does anyone know anything about that possibility of getting a replacement set of drawings?