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  1. pictsidhe

    Industrial engine conversion. *Private* group.

    I am trying to start a private conversation on industrial engine conversions. It is for the discussion of the use of industrial and similar small engines. I have done this as I am fed up with public threads consistently being dragged off into the weeds by a few people here. If you are interested...
  2. pictsidhe

    Material choice?

    I'm going to start making proper use of the machinery at work ;) First up, engine and redrive parts. I want to double up the oil pump rotors. The dead simple way to do this is to make an extended cover. The extra rotor will run inside that. I am wondering if all the 6061 laying around at work...
  3. pictsidhe

    Thread AWOL.

    I started a thread a few weeks for members to post worldwide ultralight regs in. I kicked it off with the regs for Belize, that I'd just found. I can't find the thread now, even using Google...
  4. pictsidhe

    Supplier of an385 pins?

    Anyone know of a supplier of an385 taper pins? I am looking at my folding wing joints, and AN385 look like baby bear's porridge. But I can't find any. I need longish -6 alloy steel. Plan B would be industrial grade -7 stainless.
  5. pictsidhe

    Ultralights in Central and South America

    I may be losing my permanent resident status in a few months. Topaz does not want me saying why... Does anyone know about ultralight and lsa type rules in central and south America? I'd like to find somewhere it's not too hard to do. I will still be able to visit here, should I come up with a...
  6. pictsidhe

    Still breathing!

    This thread is for members to let the others know their Covid status. I can't see any relevant threads on here. Apologies if I'm flouting a rule I am unaware of. No discussion of Covid! This is facts about you, no opinions or facts from the media. That will go down the toilet of politics way too...
  7. pictsidhe


    Happy Thanksgiving to my New World friends!
  8. pictsidhe

    What is this engine?

    Came across this in a motorcycle museum.
  9. pictsidhe

    Marking out aids.

    I'm working on a mockpit when I have some spare time. I got the last of my important bulkheads lofted today, and then wanted to transfer to cheap ply. I managed to loft everything with straight lines and circular arcs. That will make alterations and flat wrapping far easier to calculate when I...
  10. pictsidhe

    Hawker Hurricane Mk103

    Many of you will be familiar with this project, I've posted bits here and there on the forum. I started a discussion thread here about a year ago. What is a Mk103 Hurricane? It's a 2/3 scale AC103 legal Hawker Hurricane, of course! Why a Hurricane, and not a Spitfire, or P-51? Well, I'm...
  11. pictsidhe

    G10 properties

    Does anyone have a lead on creep properties for G10? All I can find is 'good' or 'excellent' I need numbers...
  12. pictsidhe

    50c/ft 4130

    Yes, that is correct. I just went to Wickes website to see how much 2 1/4 x 0.120 4130 is and ended up spending rather a lot of money. Mostly on 50c/ft 4130. Some I need, some I will probably need. A lot will probably handy some time... They seem to be pruning their inventory. Cheap sizes in...
  13. pictsidhe

    Metrology tools. Decent quality, not too pricey?

    I'm looking for some metrology tools. Up to now I've just used Horror Fright stuff. Well, my HF digital verniers are 0.4% absolute accuracy. I haven't checked the linearity etc... OK for crude measurements and comparison, but useless if I'm trying to build to a reasonable spec. I have found...
  14. pictsidhe

    CNC tweaks

    I had a Chinese 3040 4-axis cnc turn up today. A first look and it looks pretty useable. With one exception, the chuck timing pulley has been made with too small a PCD, the belt doesn't mesh properly. The seller is a drop shipper and I got it 25% off after someone else bought it then returned as...
  15. pictsidhe

    Post delays and random disappearances

    I don't know if this is just me. I keep posting, and refresh the page and my post is not there. I'll check again after some minutes. Sometimes it has shown up, sometimes it hasn't. I'll often post again. The last time I did that, I had refreshed the page to find my post was not there, but there...
  16. pictsidhe

    V4 1/2 LS

    Not made by GM, but just came across an interesting V4 based on the LS series. 1650cc, 150lb. Peak torque of 126ftlb. At a piston speed of 2500fpm, power is ~135hp at 5600rpm. Would need a redrive. I saw in an article that the crate engines are $10k. Motus V4
  17. pictsidhe

    Electrical system generators.

    I've been pondering various UL engine possibilities and one thing keeps jumping out. The generators in current use are awful heavy. A Briggs single cylinder 5A stator I have is 11Oz, the entire flywheel is a foot breaker, but likely has several ounces of magnets. anyone wanting to go direct...
  18. pictsidhe

    Post deletion

    Could we put that feature back in the hands of the mods? It's great for dealing with double posts, but some are using it to save face after saying something that they later reconsider. This is bad for thread intelligibility.
  19. pictsidhe

    HBA maxxing out cpu

    I strongly suspect it's one of those lovely new ads we have. But leaving HBA open for more than a few minutes this morning and my cpu load maxes out. Closing the tab fixes it. Open a new HBA tab, 100%...
  20. pictsidhe

    Paint temperature test.

    I want to paint my plastic aircraft project in dark colours. I am concerned about it wilting in summer sun. I recently came across Sherwin Williams 'Vinylsafe' paint. It is designed to be safe on vinyl siding. It is exterior Sherwin Williams latex paint tinted with only certain pigments...