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  1. Jambo

    Lift Enhancement with Electric Motors

    One of the big areas I feel GA has to benefit from battery tech is to allow blown flaps/wings allowing either higher wing loadings or low stall speeds. Two I know are being constructed: 1. Props in front of the wing blowing over flaps (NASA X-57 Maxwell) 2. Ducted fans integrated in the...
  2. Jambo

    Mystery Bullet Shaped Aircraft It looks like the quest for a very low drag pusher continues....
  3. Jambo

    Electroflight P1e

    So a relatively new article came out about this aircraft, previously discussed in another thread but didn't go much of anywhere without details But they've now given us enough for us to check their math ;) The...
  4. Jambo

    Lurker coming out into the light, don't shoot! I'm harmless.

    I've been checking into this website for a long time, and I've spent far too much time here as a guest to not contribute anymore. Though I fear I don't have too much (any) technical knowledge to contribute, hopefully at least well asked questions. I've been working on a conceptual design of a...