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  1. BBerson

    Transition to Unfamilar Aircraft

    53 page guide to transition from standard trainers to unusual aircraft. Also numerous accident cases.
  2. BBerson

    EAA Chapter membership

    I know EAA requires all chapter members also be members of EAA National. Are there any EAA chapters that offer exemptions to the rule or don't enforce the rule? Such as non-voting associate membership or something?
  3. BBerson

    Hybrid or electric theory?

    Moving toward hybrid:
  4. BBerson

    Welding crankshaft warpage?

    Does welding the internal counterweights on a half VW crankshaft cause any noticeable misalignment of the main bearings?
  5. BBerson

    Solid Rivet shop head size criteria

    The usual recommendation for the shop head is to use a rivet that extends 1.5 times the diameter. See here:How to select the correct rivet size atlascopco But it's much easier to drive when the rivet is less than that recommended 1.5 times the diameter. I don't see how it would make too much...
  6. BBerson

    eVTOL getting close to Type Certificate?

    FAA says 6 eVTOL are "well along in their type certification". Yet no experimental craft have publicly flown at Oshkosh or anywhere in the USA. (as far as I know) How can that be...
  7. BBerson

    Prop in fuselage slot?

    Anyone have any documents or info on effects of a prop operating in a pusher fuselage slot? I see this thread about a slot in wing Slot in wing for pusher prop??? but a wing has a lift factor, not the case for a narrow fuselage. I imagine a slot in a narrow fuselage would be less problematic. I...
  8. BBerson

    Broad new UAS rules proposed today

    The FAA just released a 319 page preliminary rule. Will require most UAS to register a serial number and operate a remote indentification device that is connected to the Internet for safety and ENFORCEMENT. Possible exceptions for amateur use...
  9. BBerson

    Modern version of TPG - Or the search for "Black Wood"

    Any example of an aircraft with fiberglass layup of same thickness?
  10. BBerson

    Rivet set caps ?

    Has anyone used these rivet caps? I am trying the avoid the rivet set from dancing off and gouging the rivet when riveting by myself with one hand on the gun and the other hand with the bucking bar. I am usually masking taping the...
  11. BBerson

    1/2 scale warbirds

    Bingelis letter to 1/2 scale warbird designers: 1/2 SCALE PROBLEMS We will move on to another subject which is of concern and I would like to share with you a letter from Tony Bingelis. This letter is as the result of our observation over the years of some activities within our amateur built...
  12. BBerson

    Woods "Windy" pusher design

    Harris Woods "Windy" pusher from 1968. Hadn't seen this one before.
  13. BBerson

    Arlington 2019 Fly-in

    Anyone at Arlington Fly-in on opening day? (Friday August 16) The webcam looks like no airplanes in the campground.
  14. BBerson

    Early EAA

    It's interesting to review the early EAA mission statement from 1954. In the same October 1954 issue an article about Tom Cassutt's new design said: "he had no previous design or airplane building experience". Note the words, " Home Engineering".
  15. BBerson

    Tie for third place

    Exact tie for third place today! Oop, I guess with this post I have the lead, ha,ha.
  16. BBerson

    Certificated to Experimental Exhibition conversion?

    I was thinking of converting my Standard Category Grob G 109 to Experimental Exhibition Category. For the freedom to modify it and to eliminate the Annual inspection by I.A. Is this possible? Or easy? Anyone done this? The Canada "Owner Maintenance" option is what I really would want but that...
  17. BBerson

    $84k ultralight Corsair

    Carbon fiber Corsair. Fabric cover. Yes very cool, but most expensive ultralight ever?
  18. BBerson

    Low Speed Airfoil Design Paper

    Low speed airfoil design paper: See if this file loads below. What do you think about the claimed "Liebeck" 3.0 max CL? I think "single element" could mean "no flaps" edit: neat, I found I could edit the title with thread tools (upper left)
  19. BBerson

    Todhunter Blue Wren motorglider

    I always thought this was the best single seat motorglider configuration. Todhunter Blue Wren seen here:
  20. BBerson

    Low and Fast, safety and FAA rules video

    Good webinar video from March 6 2019. I learned about "open water" and " inland water" altitude rules. (depicted on the sectional chart)