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  1. Victor Bravo

    Stewart Headwind Request For Specific Info

    Does one of you guys or gals here know what the cockpit dimensions are for the Headwind, and the useful load? A friend of mine wants to buy the yellow one we had discussed here (the one that had been listed on Craigslist, then eBay at a higher price). My friend is an old Huey gunship driver...
  2. Victor Bravo

    Wanted Graham Lee Fuselage Plan Section

    Want to study the construction method that Graham Lee used on his Nieuport, Morane, and other WW1 "tube and gusset" designs. Need usable copy of the fuselage portion of the plans. Do not need the plans for the wings, tails, or an official license to build a Nieuport replica. Have stuff to...
  3. Victor Bravo

    Aircraft Grade Spruce "Market Survey"

    This posting is NOT a proper For Sale post, for a specific reason. If the moderators see it as violating any of the TOU or intentions, let me know and I will take it down or change it. Our EAA Chapter will be getting a donation of spruce spar stock this week. My job, as Minister of...
  4. Victor Bravo

    PSA: Auster Mk. V - Really Cool Antique/Warbird Project FS

    Posting this on behalf of the seller, because this airplane was once mine and I want to see it go to a good home. I'm not involved financially at all. 1947 Auster Mk. V J-1, being converted back to the wartime AOP V liaison/spotter version Bob Frederick in the Phoenix area now has my beloved...
  5. Victor Bravo

    For Sale J-3 Kitten Ultralight Repair Project - Proceeds Benefit Chapter Build Program

    Today, 12-12-2020 EAA Chapter 40 has received a donation of a really good Part 103 "legal ultralight" repair project, a Hipp's Superbirds J-3 Kitten. I'm selling this for the EAA Chapter, to raise money toward our Zenith 750 Cruzer chapter build project. Similar ultralights sell in stores for...
  6. Victor Bravo

    For Sale Good Looking Long-EZ $20K

    Ran across this just now, looks like a really interesting find for someone wanting a canard. If you'z a bargain hunting gangsta wanna go fast and roll up wit' da bling, you best git off yo' ass and pick up da phone...
  7. Victor Bravo

    OFF-TOPIC Mathematical or Data Analysis Request OFF-TOPIC

    This is only 1% on-topic, and that 1% is only because I know some of the folks on this forum have very high levels of education in mathematics, prob/stat, data analysis, and the related disciplines. All of that is faaar beyond my capacity to understand or put into practical use. An aviation...
  8. Victor Bravo

    Le Pou Metallique... a Metal Flying Flea in the SW USA

    Here's a strange one. Today I went out to burn up some dead dinosaurs, and went to the lake bed. On the way back, I dropped in at a small private strip west of there, a little desert dirt strip affectionately known as "Area 52" (really). I had sold a Zenair 701 project to one of the guys that...
  9. Victor Bravo

    Social Distancing, Aviation Style

    Off topic, only slightly homebuilt related (see other thread on Le Pou Metallique) Today I was determined to show that social distancing can be interesting and effective. As a public service, I flew my old grungy 172 out to El Mirage Dry Lake in the desert north of Los Angeles. I wanted to be...
  10. Victor Bravo

    Want Battery Recommendation for Rotax 503

    I figure I can find a few people here who might share their expertise, success, failure, and/or warnings. A LOT of you guys know a hell of a lot more about electrons and amperes and charge rates and voltmeters than I do. By volume, the majority of the aircraft I've owned and operated were...
  11. Victor Bravo

    Wanted Wanted 6x00 x 6 Cleveland Wheel Cheap or Trade

    Want a good undamaged Cleveland 6.00 x 6 wheel. Upgrading the nosegear on my old 172, so I don't need the brake, the brake disc, or axle. Looking for a cheapskate deal, or I can find stuff to trade you. Yes, I already know all the places I can go to buy one of these from a salvage yard for $300...
  12. Victor Bravo

    Beech Staggerwing Fuselage Best Offer

    I flew into Santa Paula airport KSZP yesterday, on a highly important mission to burn up some dead dinosaur meat. Sitting there was what looked for all the world to be a Beech Staggerwing bare tube fuselage. It was either a "real" Staggerwing or an experimental scratch built Staggerwing. The...
  13. Victor Bravo

    New EAA Chapter Build Project SoCal

    EAA Chapter 40 is finally making the jump to lightspeed... Six or seven years ago we got a 2/3 built airplane project (Cygnet SF-2A) donated to our EAA chapter, using an outside charitable organization as a "fiscal sponsor". Over a year ago, the guys finally finished it and got it ready to...
  14. Victor Bravo

    Cygnet SF-2A Wood and Steel Wing Parts

    Looks like a very good start and time-saver for anyone interested in the Cygnet.
  15. Victor Bravo

    FREE P-47 Replica FREE P-47 Replica Flagstaff

    Looks like a pretty good project, 55% scale P-47 free. Does NOT look like War Aircraft Replicas, this looks all wood. One of you warbird enthusiasts go get this or I will see to it that the ghosts of Alexander de Seversky and Francis Gabreski will HAUNT you for the rest of your life! ...
  16. Victor Bravo

    Culver Cadet LCA-90 Auction

    One of you chumps better get this! Dead guy deal. Airport selling an aircraft that had been sitting in a hangar 30 years. Auction THIS Saturday. Whiteman airport KWHP. Contact Jim Miller, mgr. 818-896-5271. Culver Cadet, C-90-12, undamaged but needs mild restoration. NOT a basket case, but needs...
  17. Victor Bravo

    HP-18 Sailplane KIT Craigslist Michigan
  18. Victor Bravo

    Help - Buying Used ADS-B - Scams / Duds / Junk

    I have found what appears to be a reasonable deal on an un-used uavionix SkyBeacon. The story supposedly goes like this... Some Guy #1 bought it and didn't use it, because they upgraded their panel. Some Guy #1 then sold it for $1800+ to Some Other Guy #2, who bolted it into his newly...
  19. Victor Bravo

    F-100 Super Sabre (2) Gluhareff Pressure Jet, Lycoming core, other stuff MHV AUCTION One old Lycoming 4 cylinder engine core, and what looks like a Gluhareff or similar pulsejet / pressure jet. This looks like it all came from Flight Systems, an iconic gov't contractor company that...
  20. Victor Bravo

    SF-2A Cygnet For Sale in SoCal - FLY it Home Today

    Posting on behalf of EAA Chapter 40, of which I'm a member. Aircraft being sold to fund our next chapter build project! N440CH Cygnet E-AB, good condition Airframe started by Bob Chitwood, Casa Grande, AZ Finished by EAA Chapter 40, largely by members Ferd Kuhn & Bill Schirding Flies well, very...