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  1. Hugh Lorimer

    Wanted Three experimental projects need completing.

    Seeking a partner to take over the completion of my three microlight projects (preferably European to help transportation costs) See All drawings, calcs., etc. and advice supplied. Medical condition prevents continuation. Hugh Lorimer.
  2. Hugh Lorimer

    Garden furniture

    After a weights and balance, before putting away, took photo out living room window,
  3. Hugh Lorimer

    Design critique,

    As a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, I offered a challenge to the local group for interest only, " a critique of my Iolaire design ". After scanning through previous posts, I believe the overall layout to be robust? comments?? Being prizes!
  4. Hugh Lorimer


    Iolaire, G-MZFI. All composite prototype light aviation project. Designed to BCAR Sect. S. First ( and only? ) British, designed and built 3 axis microlight aircraft to fly since introduction of Sect S. ‘All flying’ canard, BMW R100RS powered. Original drawings, photos, spares etc. See...
  5. Hugh Lorimer

    Quaiche assy.

    First assembly of my home design, the Quaiche, to connect up the controls and establish CofG. Hughie