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  1. skeeter_ca

    Copy Right Infringement...in another country

    So what are the avenues I have to stop people from other countries selling my plans without my permission...like Russia. Am I just S.O.L. Darrell W President - Volmer Club of America
  2. skeeter_ca

    DIY AN665-20 threaded clevis's?

    Has anyone or would anyone build your own clevis's? On my build I am looking at buying 32 AN665-20L/R clevis's for the drag/anti-drag wires in the wing. Just the fittings alone will set me back $406! Would, could or has someone cut their own out of 4130 solid rod, slot, drill and thread it to...
  3. skeeter_ca

    CopperState Experimental Fly-in Oct 28-29

    Driving out to the CopperState Fly-in and camping on site. Any one else? Darrell Whiteaker President - Volmer Club of America
  4. skeeter_ca

    Can an Electronic Release of Liability uphold as well as a hand signed copy?

    Can an Electronic Release of Liability uphold as well as a hand signed copy? Let me fill in the blanks. I sell aircraft plans for a Non-Profit 501(3)c organization. Currently the purchaser has to hand sign and have notarized the Release of Liability and then sent to me before I will ship the...
  5. skeeter_ca

    Fabricating hinges? Conflicting plans diagrams.

    Ok, looking at my plans of my Volmer VJ-22. I noticed a discrepancy in fabricating the hinges. They are like the Aeronca hinges on the rudder and elevators. The plans state several different sizes. .375 od x 060 wall, .380 od x 060, 375 od x .250id. All 4130. And it states to "ream to fit" after...
  6. skeeter_ca

    Can I ship to Russia?

    I just had a fellow contact me to ask if he can buy a set of plans and ship them to Russia. Does anyone know if there are any problems with getting this done? Has anyone ever done this? Darrell, Volmer Club of America
  7. skeeter_ca

    Virgin Galactic spaceshiptwo crashes.......

    This sucks. Virgin Galactic says space tourism rocket lost
  8. skeeter_ca

    How long does T-88 last.

    I have had some T-88 adhesive in my garage for may be two years. It is unopened. Is it still good to finish my ribs with? skeeter
  9. skeeter_ca

    Not good news for those pilots, military helicopter crash

    Oops, they screwed the pooch on this one. Dramatic Military Helicopter Crash Caught on Camera - Yahoo! News
  10. skeeter_ca

    Would 3D illustrations on Plans be useful?

    In drawing up a plans set i was wondering if 3D illustrations would be of great benefit to the builder? Or would it simple be just flash for selling and looking cool?
  11. skeeter_ca

    Spinning an Icon

    http://www.iconaircraft.com/news/behind-the-scenes-of-icons-spin-resistance-program.html Icon just completed there spin-resistant program. I understand that this design makes it harder to spin but is it harder to recover if you do get it to spin. It does not mention that it absolutely will not...
  12. skeeter_ca

    What's the difference between a sensitive and non-sensitive altimeters?

    This question came up on the EAA forum and really no-one came up with a solid answer. Someone said if it has a kollsman window it is a sensitive altimeter, but then some one else showed in the Aircraft Spruce and Specialty catalog a picture of a non-sensitive with a kollsman window. Whats the...
  13. skeeter_ca

    Free Sectional Charts from the FAA site.

    :ban: Sectional Raster Aeronautical Charts I found this site via a posting on the Seaplaneforum.com website (Nice forum btw). It shows you can down load almost any sectional for "FREE". It works great. You can zoom in to see all the details of the section that you want. The only problem is i...
  14. skeeter_ca

    When do you start logging time on your engine?

    I was just letting my mind wander the other day and out pops a question. When do you start logging time for your engine in your homebuilt? Does it start the first time you crank it over or after initial starting, bugs worked out and running good ready for flight? :)
  15. skeeter_ca

    Spam, Junkmail, Virus or for real?

    I received this e-mail today on my personal e-mail account. "Hello dear Greetings to you,My name is Celinah, a young girl, i saw your profile in this site at (www.homebuiltairplanes.com) and i decide to communicate with you and it will please me if you will be my friend, i wish if you will...
  16. skeeter_ca

    Rolled threads or cut threads

    Which is better and why? How much strength difference is there?
  17. skeeter_ca

    Cobalt CO50

    Here's another cool looking new plane. Do you think it will fly? Supposed to be at Osh2010. But i don't see any actual pictures of a built plane. http://www.cobalt-aircraft.com/ skeeter
  18. skeeter_ca

    What do you do with your plane?

    :) As promised, i'm starting this thread to find out exactly what people do with their planes. I'm asking because a few people on another thread gave the impression that flying a plane gets boring quick and there's nothing really to do besides get you from A to B. Where do you fly to and what...
  19. skeeter_ca

    Circuit breakers or fuses?

    When i was at Copperstate i noticed several aircraft, all LSA's, using a fuse panel instead of circuit breakers. It sure is a cheaper way of doing it but is it just as good? I would not be wanting to look for a replacement fuse while flying, where as resetting a circuit breaker is easy...
  20. skeeter_ca

    Proud new father

    I'm the proud new father of Rib #1. The first completed part for my Volmer Jensen VJ-22 Amphibian. I can't stop smiling. I'm just so proud! Now just 8,237 pices to go. lol. skeeter:ban: