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  1. LArzfromarz

    Almost, affordable powerplant....

    Saw this at the boat show recently. I really like the idea of the "closed cooling"- yeah traditional radiator is "closed cooling"- maybe should read "compact" Too bad its not cheap... Seven Marine Reveals 557-HP Outboard at Miami Boat Show | Boats.com Blog...
  2. LArzfromarz

    London to Capetown-n-back..Solo record!

    I'd like the group to know and would like to send congratulations to Steve and Anna Noujam as well as the support team for their efforts in a recent successful record breaking solo flight. On Set 3rd, 2010, Steve set a new record for London/Capetown/London trip, breaking a 70 year old record...
  3. LArzfromarz

    Sound of Silence for Topaz

    Topaz- I know you enjoy all things dead stick but here's one that should make the bush pilot guys happy too- I know there was thread from someone who was looking to get to their hunting property up north- maybe they'll see this too- Larz
  4. LArzfromarz

    Remember 9/11..."That day"

    As I type this a few minutes after 9:00 I am reminded of the thoughts and feelings I had "that day" about this same time. When I think about it the pain becomes fresh again. While I didn't loose anyone personally we all lost something "that day". Its important to not forget what happened to...
  5. LArzfromarz

    RV-9 plans wanted

    Anybody have any RV-9 plans they'd like to part with? PM or post here and I'll get whic'ya. Larz
  6. LArzfromarz

    Time to do this...

    Hello All- My name is Larry Romig and I am an aviation enthusiast. I've been lurking around here for a little bit and decided it was time to "out" myself to the group. Which generally seems to be a fine bunch of guys. I really appreciate that this board is a bit more hard core than some of the...
  7. LArzfromarz

    Name that plane...

    My vote for "Best Homebuilt Built under Duress"... Can you name that plane? Blue Skies- LArz
  8. LArzfromarz

    Tube framing software...

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a software package that will help me design (properly) the tube framing for an original design EAB. Actually any direction towards design of the frame components would be helpful. Appreciation in advance.... Larry "LArzfromarz" Romig
  9. LArzfromarz

    Thread order...

    How do I get the thread to show the newest posts first? Thanks Larry