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    park a truck camper near Oakland CA

    Don't know much about CA but we may be going down there on and off for the next 8-months for my son's rowing training. Trying to get to the Olympics in Tokyo next summer. Anyone know where to sleep in a truck camper at night there? All self-contained. One of you have a parking place we...
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    Strojnik Books

    Anyone have these three books they'll sell, rent, or loan me? Low Power Laminar Aircraft Design, Low Power Laminar Aircraft Structures and Low Power Laminar Aircraft Technologies
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    importing auto engine to US

    Has anyone had direct experience importing a non-EPA engine to the US for an aircraft application without it getting confiscated by the EPA or customs?
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    language advice from my European friends

    My son is an elite junior rower and we expect to go to Europe quite a bit over the next at least 9 years doing world championship competitions. What single language beside English should I learn that is the most spoken between these countries that all regularly hold international rowing...
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    Regulation Free Zone

    Last week I was having breakfast with a local innovative aircraft designer and mentioned to him an idea I had- take a huge piece of private land (TX? NV?) and make it completely free of any and all air regulations. And make a national law that holds the owner of the land completely free of all...
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    Early Edwards flight test and engineering film

    Pretty interesting documentary. You can see where Burt Rutan got his start after college starting at about minute 20. http://www.edwardsreunion.org/HowDoesItFly/FlightTestAtAFFTC.mp4
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    V-twin smoking at an angle

    My son and I restored my mini-excavator and used a HF 22hp Predator engine. Was a lot of work to get to fit but runs great... except when I tilt the excavator at an angle (tilts engine sideways) and then it smokes up a storm because oil is going though the PCV tube into the airbox/carb. For...
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    funny airplanes in Idaho

    Rutan designs having some fun flying this weekend in Coeur d'Alene near Burt's home by the lake.
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    Rutan lecture

    Burt says this is one of his best lectures. I agree, and proud it's the keynote speech at my alma mater for this year's Design Expo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMSMnblzPAM
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    angel investors

    Any of you HBA folks have strong experience with equity investing for early startups such as what angels would take into consideration for a new aircraft or product? I'm not pitching, just looking for some information.
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    simple software for documenting project via youtube

    If someone wanted to do simple daily/weekly video updates to YouTube without a lot of post-editing and fuss is there a simple app or procedure that lets you? IOW a way to document a project in a nice/professional way but not spend a lot of time editing- say 15 minutes max to do the following: a...
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    HF deals

    If you shop at Harbor Freight Aircraft Supply check out this site for the best coupons. Print them out or write down the coupon code number before you head to the store. Or just bring your smart phone to the store :) http://www.hfqpdb.com/ For example, I'm getting a 22hp Predator engine for...
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    The Defender

    Really funny aero design movie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvbQMqd0kEY
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    Plane Crazy Fly-In and Voyager 30th Anniversary reunion this weekend

    Any HBAers going to the Plane Crazy Fly-In and Voyager 30th Reunion in Mojave this weekend? A small North Idaho contingent will be coming down. http://www.mojavemuseum.org/images/pc_122016.pdf
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    help from Euro friends

    Need some advice. My wife and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary next early September with a two-week trip to Europe including a 105 mile hike of the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB). I would like to make it a business trip for accounting purposes and would like some recommendations on *any*...
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    First Flights

    Want to learn a lot about aircraft design methodology and configuration options in a short time- check out this great series hosted by Neil Armstrong. Free for Prime members :) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GF73U44/ref=cm_sw_su_dp
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    bang for the buck studio photography kit

    Maybe some of you with pro or semi-pro studio photography experience can offer advice here. Even better if you know a lot about industrial photography. Or maybe you have a spouse that takes a lot of Ebay item photos? Recommendations for a <$350 light setup for taking pictures of products and...
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    Lancair designs for sale

    Looks like all the Lancair designs but the Evolution are available... http://www.lancair.com/2300-2/
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    free online ground schools

    My son (13) wants to do a free or low-cost online school for becoming a pilot. He found this source: Aviation 101 Other ones that folks know of that may be better?
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    Jack Norris prop design software

    I have Jack's book <"interesting" writing style> and hear rumor that there's software that goes along with it. Can anyone point me to the source? BTW Jan would use yours but I want to investigate different planforms, variable pitches, etc for my application. Thanks guys.