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    Aeromomentum install and operation questions

    Does anyone here have hands on experience with Aeromomentum engines? I'm looking at a formerly flying 601 that needs an engine, and I am considering auto conversions. I like what I have read about the Aeromomentum engines, but when I e-mailed them with questions I did not get a reply. I am...
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    Wren 460, Peterson 260SE, King Katmai 182 - What are the design concerns of a 3 surface STOL Mod?

    I have been reading about the King Katmai for years, and I am fascinated by its performance characteristics. Wikipedia for those unfamiliar with this mod. Mainly, I love the idea of operating out of 500' and cruising over 150mph. The idea of a 3 surface STOL mod on an Experimental is really...
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    Zenith Carb In-Flight Adjustable Mixture?

    I've been reading about the Thatcher aircraft, and they run Zenith Carbs without mixture controls. Can mixture controls be added to a Zenith Carb or would that require a different carb?
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    Re-Drive, 95+ HP VW Engines?

    Valley Engineering is advertising a redrive for the Great Plains 2276/80Hp that puts out 100hp at 3800 RPM. What other companies are using ReDrives on VW engines? What kind of longevity and reliability are they seeing? What impact does raising the thrust line 6" have on handling (esp. in low...
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    Validating Aircraft Design/Modifications

    I have been reading about building various aircraft, and some of the modifications that are done to them. I am leaning toward an all-metal build, but some research has resulted in some interesting thoughts. The 3 things that really made me think were: 1)A CX-4 where the wing ribs were...
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    CNC Cut Composite Panels

    It seems to be an old, dead project, but today I found the MakerPlane, a project to build an open source plane design that seems to have been abandoned unfinished 5 years ago. (makerplane.org) The thing that seems really interesting to me is the CNC cut composite construction, but I am having...
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    Minimum panel to meet the "Technically Advanced Aircraft" Definition?

    Mental exercise: What is the Cheapest way to meet the "Technically Advanced Aircraft" Definition required for Commerical Pilot's Licence?
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    E-LSA on older aircraft/kits

    I'm new to this, but the FAA's E-LSA rules make me excited about the learning opportunities. I have a list of planes I am considering, but I have also been looking into older kits that are being resold. I am mostly looking at Avid Flyer Clones, and I have noticed a couple older kits that are...