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    I saw somewhere that there is a magneto out there that plugs right in to where the stock magneto goes. Anyone know what it is and where I can get it? Thanks!
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    1600 to bigger

    Anyone have opinions or information about putting 92mm jugs on a 1600cc case? I know you have to have the case and heads flycut, but what about the stroke length? I found jugs I like in both 69 and 82 mm -- which should I use, and what are the ramifications of each one? I'm pretty sure I can use...
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    VW converions

    Great Planes has specialized main bearings and other stuff for conversions.
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    Does anyone any wooden plane pans lying around they want to sell

    I've got a few set laying around...what are you looking to build? I have a CP1350, VP-1, Barracuda and Tiger Moth 80% and the original Tiger Moth sets laying around I'll probably never build. I might have some others, too; I'll look.
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    GN-1 Aircamper - starting!

    Anyone else out there building a GN-1 Aircamper?
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    I am looking at 15' wooden longerons for my plane (Tiger Moth). Aircraft Spruce asked if they could be cut down to make my shipping cheaper, and I realized I don't know. Anyone know of a way to splice or otherwise re-attach such parts? As it stands now I don't want to do that, but if someone has...
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    Polyurethane glues?

    Dried gorilla snot How stong IS dried gorilla snot, anyway?
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    Polyurethane glues?

    Money isn't really a concern for me. I'm more looking at availablity and ease of use. I don't think you can get T-88 at the hardware store. What does anyone think about Aircraft Spruce's "All-Purpose Structural Adhesive?" It claims "similar" properties to T-88 but is available in a slower gel...
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    Polyurethane glues?

    What about Liquid Nails and stuff like that?
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    Anyone know how to find Murphy in Canada?
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    That's only a one-seater. I want two. Thanks, though! It looks like a blast! Maybe for the next one...
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    Maybe I need to be a bit more specific...I'm looking for somthing in the 85 hp max range, and by simple I mean uncomplicated...I want something similar to the early birds.
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    Any know of a good, simple, two-seat vintage design biplane out there? I want good, ole fashioned wood and fabric. Any help?
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    Spruce vs ?

    I don't mind doing extra reading; this is supposed to be for educational purposes anyway, right? I'm not as worried about expense as I am availability : finding Stika Spruce around here is like finding 100 pound gold nuggets. I hate the mail-order idea because I prefer to see the wood I'm buying...
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    different plywood arrived?

    My opinion is 6mm is close enough...you could conceivable sand that much off in finishing. The additional plys with certainly make up for the insignificant difference.
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    spar question

    That should work, just remember that you don't want to lose strength in your ribs, either. That can be just as problematic, even catastrophic. There's arguably less risk, though. In the end, I'd just make it to specs unless you're a structural engineer and can do the math.
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    Spruce vs ?

    That is a pretty good start. Any idea where the rest of the series is at now? He mentioned writing a series of articles. Thanks for your help!
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    Spruce vs ?

    I am wondering...I've heard there are woods that can be used in place of spruce for spars and whatnot. Any comments on this? Which are good replacements?
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    spar question

    Alternative Instead of rounding the spar to fit, notch the rib to fit using a small hand saw or wood file...router it just a bit heavy and take it down to specs by hand. You PROBABLY won't compromise the spar by rounding it, but do you want to find out you're wrong at 5,000 ft? I'm pretty...
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    Which weld to use

    Sonerai. How does anyone feel about arc welding? I ask because my dad has a nearly-new, VERY nice arc welder he picked up at an aution.