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    Designing and Building a 1/2 VW Cowling for Quickie Q1

    I tried to be as descriptive as possible in the title to make this information easier to find in case anyone in the future is doing something similar. From my research, it appears that the 1/2 VW is the best option for a new powerplant for the Quickie Q1. The title says it all. I am designing...
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    Electric Aircraft for Engineering Senior Design Project

    I am a senior mechanical engineering student at Lamar University (Beaumont, TX). For senior design, I am working with a team of 3 other students towards designing a single-seat, multi-engine homebuilt experimental electric aircraft. I would prefer not to post too many details here on the...
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    Wanted Baker Bobcat/Supercat Plans

    I am looking for Baker Bobcat plans/blueprints. I would be interested in photocopies if you have them.