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  1. cheapracer

    Very good deal here RV6

    Saw this on Facebook Van's RV-6 Wing and Empennage kit FOR SALE My EAA chapter has inherited an RV-6 Wing and Empennage kit. Looks like only the Horizontal Stab and Vertical stab were assembled. Factory spars. Includes miscellaneous items - rivets, jigs, other building accessories. Located in...
  2. cheapracer

    Analogue Tuning Services for VW Engines.

    Good Morning, We at Far Colonel Tuning, wish to make you aware of the very latest analogue tuning services available for all VW engines, including aircraft. Please contact us for the very latest in tuning techniques to suit your requirements. Here is our boss, and top tuning technician...
  3. cheapracer

    Wooden floor size suggestion please?

    Hi Guys, as I am doing my floor at the moment using aluminium sheet with 1" aluminium tubes as runners to support a sheet of 3 ply wood with a layer of fiberglass either side. The sheet is close enough to about 1 yard square, or just under 1 meter square. I can also add support along the...
  4. cheapracer

    Aluminium spot welding for the Homebuilder?

    This is very interesting, I must buy a small spot welder and try it. imagine the uses if it actually works as suggested.
  5. cheapracer

    Happy New Year, but the end has come..

    Happy New Year all the Members, thanks for creating a worthwhile group, and for the Mods putting up with our antics. But on a more serious note, and I really hate posting this but it has to happen. Enough is enough. I love designing and my plane builds, and everything that comes with them, but...
  6. cheapracer

    Rotax 912is for $35,000???

    I just discovered that Vans are charging $35,000+ for their firewall fwd package with the Rotax 912is for the RV12. Can anyone elaborate how on this planet it can possibly cost even close that much? I'm just shell shocked and had to vent looking for some sort of answer. albeit there may not be...
  7. cheapracer

    Message (PM) delay issue.

    I PM'ed a Member on either the 20th or 21st of December, he just got it today, and it's dated for today. My original message is also dated today.
  8. cheapracer

    Building with Black Aluminum

    Over the last few days I've seen a few anti-black aluminium posts that I have found rather annoying in a homebuilt forum. A homebuilt forum where all methods should be encouraged, merely discussing the disadvantages, as well as the advantages, rather than condescendingly dismissing it outright...
  9. cheapracer

    MW9 Flying Plank is doing just that..

    Mike Whittaker of England's flying plank is flying as of last month.. Mike has a long interesting history, his planes are here in chronological order https://www.aerosociety.com/media/10177/mw-aircraft-talk.pdf I'm quite surprised at how stable it is in the blustery conditions ..\
  10. cheapracer

    Free Glider plans - high wing wood

    Edit: Sorry Guys, looks like it's a 1/4 scale model, sorry about that. Came across these, free, but asking for a donation to Cancer at the bottom. https://cevans.me/VINTAGE/Documentation/Kookaburra/Kookaburra.html
  11. cheapracer

    2 aero questions about flaps please

    I have 2 questions on flaps if some knowledgeable aero person has a moment please: 1/ Flaperons, clear what they do etc, but why do I not see them in conjunction with ailerons as in being the outer half of the wing. They always seem to be full width on STOLs. It seems to me that having the...
  12. cheapracer

    Anyone tried these 'Blind Rivet Bolts'?

    Saw these, wondering if anyone has used them, or similar, or knows where to get them besides the French manufacturer of them .. https://www.clufix.com/ The Leankeasy blind rivet bolt from Clufix, Cluses, France, crimps the nut as a screw is turned to lock two metal sheets or plastic parts...
  13. cheapracer

    Zenith "no hinge ailerons"

    Some of you know that Zenith for sometime now on the CH601 and CH650, have been using the actual skin of the aileron as the flexible member to act as a hinge. Now it's been around for a while, couple of thousand planes out there, and seems to offer reliable service (I wasn't looking to re-has...
  14. cheapracer

    Yamaha with Sky Trax PSRU

    This setup looks very tasty indeed ... Easy relaxed 100hp at 5500 rpm, or 160 up around 8000rpm if you want it.
  15. cheapracer


    Does anyone here know much about Titanium? There is quite a bit for sale around where I am, Grade 2 mostly as far as I can tell, but higher as well. I realise the grade is low means it's lower quality, but what should I know further? Is it still as strong as steel at half the weight etc? Is...
  16. cheapracer

    Solidworks user to export to other format

    If you have Solidworks and would like a free, 3D CAD of a very popular plane, please contact me. The price is you export parts to .3DS or .DAE so it's usable for me. PM me, thanks
  17. cheapracer

    Single rotor turbo diesel rotary

    I visited a Chinese University yesterday after I saw a brochure for their rotary aero engine in development. This is a 'Power Train University' where they develop engines for major engine manufacturers, mind you I only saw diesels as I passed by all the dynometer rooms, all were medium sized...
  18. cheapracer

    A large problem you all face.

    "The legacy issue endures of thousands of piston-engine planes taking off from smaller airports, many still spewing lead from their exhaust. Research has linked lead exposure to the disruption of development of the brain and nervous system in children"...
  19. cheapracer

    Robinson V8 conversions

    This will fit in around here somewhere ... http://www.v8seabee.com/
  20. cheapracer

    Future opinions question ...

    I was just sitting here reading about the Avid Flyer, and yesterday was looking at the success of the Murphy Rebel, note how well the Cessna 172 still sells, all solidly deep in design overthrows from the distant past. That's not a comment of any sort, just a fact. Meanwhile in Europe we have...