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  1. cheapracer

    Side-valved Two strokes for angels.

    Your bare bones engine without a single ancillary superimposed over a fully equipped Rotax, claiming it's doing the same job, is a nonsensical lie.
  2. cheapracer

    How are ribs attached to the spars of a tapered wing

    I resolved that issue with my system.
  3. cheapracer

    How are ribs attached to the spars of a tapered wing

    Having recently designed and build a tapered wing, pretty much nothing to fret about. The taper is so slight that in my case, aluminium, I bent to 90 degrees and the small springback was about right for the taper.
  4. cheapracer

    10/23 Raptor Video

    Knock yourself out Mate, it's all there .. https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/threads/raptor-composite-aircraft.24721/
  5. cheapracer

    Celera 500L (was: More Vaporware)

    Good summary here ..
  6. cheapracer

    10/23 Raptor Video

    I've had a Tesla S since 2016, 4.5 years and 110,000ms, not a bit of trouble other than a rear suspension bush, and I speak to lots of other Tesla owners at charge points, and wander around the service dept when I go there, no 'out of the ordinary' big dramas from the mouths of the mechanics...
  7. cheapracer

    Back of the envelope conversion of Steel Tube fuselages to Aluminum Tube and Gusset

    6061, wall thickness at 2 times the wall thickness of the steel, Re: "Back of envelope". Yaw welcome. If you ask me real nice, I'll send you a similar, proven design.
  8. cheapracer

    Very good deal here RV6

    Saw this on Facebook Van's RV-6 Wing and Empennage kit FOR SALE My EAA chapter has inherited an RV-6 Wing and Empennage kit. Looks like only the Horizontal Stab and Vertical stab were assembled. Factory spars. Includes miscellaneous items - rivets, jigs, other building accessories. Located in...
  9. cheapracer

    Pulsar Aircraft Assets For Sale

    My experience is that they rarely budge on price, even while they watch it crumbling away.
  10. cheapracer

    Pulsar Aircraft Assets For Sale

    ... orders on the book, because that's all that counts. An old or new aircraft business without orders, is worth little to nothing.
  11. cheapracer

    Analogue Tuning Services for VW Engines.

    Good Morning, We at Far Colonel Tuning, wish to make you aware of the very latest analogue tuning services available for all VW engines, including aircraft. Please contact us for the very latest in tuning techniques to suit your requirements. Here is our boss, and top tuning technician...
  12. cheapracer

    Hirt Trio

    Still used for military flight training in Malaysia.
  13. cheapracer

    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    Very impressive, long way to go, but I figure he will get to a commercial kit ultimately.
  14. cheapracer

    Metal tube joint basics

    Well I have been doing it MY WAY for some 40+ years and it works just fine. It is with some distance the fastest way to fishmouth. As Scrapper says, it only takes a few moments with a flappy disc to adjust it if required. ... and the times I have used a hole saw is to bore a hole into a tube...
  15. cheapracer

    Metal tube joint basics

    I have never used anything but 2 straight cuts with a dropsaw to make a fishmouth. Starting at the most basic, 2 x 45 degree dropsaw cuts will make you a 90 degree join. You need to either grind or cut of the pointy bits is all. Grab some old tube and practice.
  16. cheapracer

    Wrapping Fiberglass around Aluminum t increase strength?

    That is nothing less than an ignorant lie, and no place for it in this forum.
  17. cheapracer

    Wrapping Fiberglass around Aluminum t increase strength?

    ... is great fun. Microwave oven, super glue, vulcanised rubber, X-rays, insulin, ..... it's a long list. If you had ever wrapped a tube with fiberglass, you wouldn't be trying to dismiss me, clearly you have never had experience with it based on your post. However when ever I need to know...
  18. cheapracer

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Just tired of it, part frustration from the woefully slow recovery after my open heart surgery 18 months ago, which they told me would be 6 months, and I find myself channeling that frustration by elevating my contempt for this abortion. It's not right for me, I am a bit embarrassed by some of...
  19. cheapracer

    Wrapping Fiberglass around Aluminum t increase strength?

    ...and yet there thousands of 50s, 60s, 70s and 1980s fiberglass cars driving around in perfect condition after being driven in all weather conditions.. ... It's called "paint". So 20+ years for a component in salt water and severe weather exposure conditions. That's awesome. Well I hope...