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    Lyc IO-360

    200 hp as it sits. Are there safe (and at least moderately cheap) ways to get mo' hp out of it? It's in an experimental but I don't want to drop the TBO to every 100 hours. :) I know very little about the Lyc's. Thanks.
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    desperately need opinions on flying Wheeleer Express CT

    It's not a true T-tail. The horizontal stabilizer is about halfway up the tail (from the original plans.) I've heard some say it is a very dangerous aircraft, while others say it's not dangerous at all, just fly it all the way down and onto the runway. I guess that means don't get nose up...
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    For Sale sale or trade: 2012 Challenger II $9995

    Clipped wing special, LSS tail, electric flaps, ELT. Located in Moontown Airport (3M5) near Huntsville, Alabama. New Warp Drive prop and upgraded thing-a-ma-bob (name escapes me at the moment) available for it for $600, new still in box, 0 hours. Additional wing bracing comes with it. Will...