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    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    According to this youtube video an ultralight autogyro has been built and flown. Have you done this? Are you aware of an ultralight autogyro? I am extremely interested in anybody who has built and flown an autogyro that weighs less than 254# and qualifies as an ultralight airplane. An...
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    Engineering questions

    Hi all, I realize these materials -- fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar -- are very good in tension. How are they in compression? And in shear? Numbers would be great. Thanks a bunch, Allan
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    Estimating weight of fiberglass over foam core

    Hi fiberglassers, I am estimating the non-load-bearing weight of an enclosed wing and need the benefit of your experience. (By non-load-bearing, I mean neglecting spars, sparcaps, and torsion boxes.) This is simply one or more layers of fiberglass epoxied over styrofoam core. I understand...
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    New guy from NE

    Hello everybody, I am an aeronautical engineer living in the Northeast U.S. My interest lies in unpowered aircraft, flying wings, and ultralightweight flying machines--like the ones Paul Maccready has built. My flying experience is 65 - 100 hours in flex-wing hang gliders. Also...