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    Ultra rookie

    Witold Kasper(wing). J-Bird Engines in Wisconsin still brings his to the Oshkosh event. You might get with him for info.
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    engine mount cups?

    Rusty, the new(er) 912's with the Soft Start ign ain't that bad on start up. The older modles were so bad it wasn't uncommon to shake off a carb or two.
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    How do you tune the engine?

    Proper EGT, CHT and Tach is used to determine what if any adjustments are needed. I have a line of props that are less than 400 bucks and ground adjustable. 66" max diameter.
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    Exp to E-LSA

    Prior to Airworthiness Inspection the FAA / DAR will do the research to acquire as much knowledge as possible on the subject completed kit. I just pulled up Thatcher.com and the information is on their site. Same for Christavia. Now if you submitted the docs requesting AWC for your one of a...
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    Exp to E-LSA

    No path to your question. LSRM should know that. Regulations are part of the responsibility. Wait a couple years and criteria changes. OR get yourself an A&P friend.
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    Rotax 670 build

    Can you please tell me at what RPM is your 670 supposed to produce 100 HP. I have read a lot of what 670 owners think they have, but have yet to discuss the actual real time numbers with an operator. I have extensive experience w/ 582, 532 and 670's in the E-A/B and snowmobile racing world...
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    Rotax 670 build

    Really... That is very interesting. At what RPM? Do you know which rotary valve?
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    Rotax 670 build

    Biggest issue with the 670 is the exhaust system. Theirs at least on guy out there claiming 80 - 90 HP and still only turning 6500 RPM. The snowmobile racing crowd is a good power source. Trust but verify. The stock 670 internals are fine.....you'll need a 4 to 1 gearbox.
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    Confused by FAA Part 103 - who isn't?

    All's fun and games until the airport mgmt files a formal written complaint with the FAA that you an operational safety hazard. When the airport accepted FAA grant money it also agreed to provide a safe operational area. It's the rouge attitudes that have given Ultralights a bad rap in the...
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    Material substitution help

    The VP II uses a similar configuration for its Rudder Post.
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    Why the animosity towards ultralights?

    Ultralights are counted as "operations" and at many airports are the majority of monthly operations.