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    DIY Electric Ultralight on YouTube

    Thank you for posting all the URLs for Peter Sripol's UL airplane build videos. I had somewhere gotten sidetracked keeping up with his 1-time UL airplane project some years ago. Watching them again has gotten me wondering if somebody has invented a clean mechanism for detaching a wing...
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    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    Sounds complicated.
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    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    Is a "jump takeoff" a mechanism to transfer torque from the propellor to the wing rotor just long enough to lift the autogyro off the ground ?
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    Prosthetic Wings

    Otto Lilienthal, IIRC........way before my time.
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    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    According to this youtube video an ultralight autogyro has been built and flown. Have you done this? Are you aware of an ultralight autogyro? I am extremely interested in anybody who has built and flown an autogyro that weighs less than 254# and qualifies as an ultralight airplane. An...
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    Certificated to experimental

    Is anybody familiar with the "more restrictive experimental/exhibition category" mentioned on the EAA website ? Does that mean museum pieces that aren't certificated as airworthy ?
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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    I am not presently an EAA member. However, in previous years I learned a great deal from this organization. These days most general aviation news I learn from youtube videos, such as this short video on the Pipistrel Velis Electro:
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    well i have made my decision ????? im going to build a mitchell wing!!!!

    Thank you for replying to my question about speedbrakes. You mentioned a "mixer" as part of the flight control system. I am not familiar with the B-10's flight control system. If anybody knows how it operates, would you please explain ? I only know the flight controls are aerodynamic...
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    well i have made my decision ????? im going to build a mitchell wing!!!!

    Does anybody know if the B10 has speedbrakes?
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    well i have made my decision ????? im going to build a mitchell wing!!!!

    simflyer, thanks for posting the videos. I really enjoyed watching them. I briefly considered building a B10 as a hang glider when Don Mitchell was alive. But flying appealed more to me than did building, so I did not build one. I didn't know until I watched the videos that the B10 has...
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    Move to Xenforo

    L=C_{d}\frac{1}{2}\rho v^{2}S
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    Move to Xenforo

    Hmmm........still not working on linux.... Thanks, Ron. I typed 0148 on the right-hand-side numeric keypad while holding down the Alt button. Got nothing. Reset the webpage to the beginning of forum posts when I typed that sequence in this dialog box. More research is needed.....Please...
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    Move to Xenforo

    Thank you. Forum seems to work fine w/ Firefox ESR in linux. Haven't yet tried writing any formulae, though. Dana, how exactly did you make the 2 superscript on the dynamic pressure in your lift equation? Couldn't get the degree symbol to work so I will use improvised notation, for example...
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    An original Horten

    Thanks for posting that, Norm. I really enjoyed seeing that video. Allan
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    Nick, A couple of things you should know: (1) Dana is right. Steel conduit is too heavy and not strong enough to make aircraft. Do you think many people would actually pay $5.50 a foot for 6061-T6 aluminum alloy tubing if steel conduit would work just as well? Not likely. (2)...
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    So, it sounds as if bidirectional kevlar would be an ideal material to make a motorcycle helmet out of. Kevlar on the outside, and styrofoam on the inside, to protect the head, when it bounces off the blacktop at 60 mph. Anybody disagree? You'd just need to figure out how to build an...
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    Engineering questions

    Thank you, Orion, for pointing me toward the public-domain literature. I appreciate your direction. I neglected to mention Young's modulus earlier. I'd think it respectable, at least in carbon fibers, for a couple reasons: First, Culver/Maupin's Carbon Dragon sailplane was thus named...
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    Engineering questions

    Hi all, I realize these materials -- fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar -- are very good in tension. How are they in compression? And in shear? Numbers would be great. Thanks a bunch, Allan
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    Generic fiberglass

    Billski, What is the Rutan tape you recommend? Is it the "Building Rutan Composites" tape that Wicks sells? Allan
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    Estimating weight of fiberglass over foam core

    Okay, thank you very much. :)