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    Slightly used aircraft building books for sale ALL BOOKS SOLD.

    ALL BOOKS SOLD ALL BOOKS SOLD ALL BOOKS SOLD Sorry: EACH BOOK IS $15. Shipping 1 (one) book is $7. If you want more than one book I'll have to quote you shipping for multiple books as shipping is based on weight. So sending multiple books will be more than $7. Capish. Paypal. Upon payment...
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    Aluminum Rivets per lb, rivet gun for sale

    Hi guys, wife says sell: Aluminum Rivets, you need a rivet gun to set these. MS20426AD3-6 Quantity 1lb 3/8/ dia=3/32 counter sunk head $25 MS20470ad3-6 / 1lb 3/8/ dia=3/32 Universal head $25 MS20426AD4-6/ 1lb 3/8 dia=1/8 Counter sunk head $18 MS20470AD4-6 / 1lb 3/8 dia=1/8 Universal Head $18...
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    Cassutt IIIM Plans Full Size- Was $295 Now $150

    Full set of Cassutt plans. Plans are clean, delivered rolled up in a tube. No discoloration. Excellent condition. I built the wing for it, but sold the project. Free Shipping. As far as I know these are the best priced Cassutt plans available for sale. Also included are some colored prints of...