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    PIC Qualifications.

    I have seen some pilots with type ratings on their tickets the say "Experimentals All Makes and Models". Which, obviously, that pilot is authorized as such. But not every pilot has that rating on their ticket.
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    PIC Qualifications.

    Because you are the builder, does that mean you are qualified to fly? For example. A homebuilt with a merlin on the front. What kind of endorsements would one need in there logbook? Just a complex endorsement? Or a better example. Gerry Becks homebuilt P-51A. Would one need a P-51 LOA to be...
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    Where Are All The Cheap Used Airplanes?

    For the most part....a lot of GA aircraft sit more then they fly. Join a local EAA Chapter club and start talking around the airport. A lot of guys are just looking for buddies to fly with and will let you fly their stuff if you buy the fuel....
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    Why are warbirds classified experimental?

    A lot depends on how you present it to the inspector. Remember the "spirit" of the experimental amature built aircraft it that you scratch built at least 51% of the aircraft yourself. You can literally purchase every single piece for a cub on the aftermarket and assemble it and call it a plan...
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    Cost Of Full Size Replica

    Most of the "orginal" P-51s on the market are in fact new-build airframes. If you own a data plate you can essential "build" an a/c around the data plate. However if you build a mustang from original NA plans (its been done before) AND you stay within the confines of "Experimental: Amature...
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    51% rule...

    If there was a way to "skirt the law", or in other terms, a "legal loophole", it would have already been exploited, and subsequently closed by the FAA. Many manufacturers have tried and failed because this in not what the "Experimental: Amature-Built" law was intended to cover. Simple as that...
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    The "Don't turn back" thing:

    at 3 hrs of instruction my CFI and I pulled up to the hold short line and I was hoping not to screw up my call to the tower. Got clearance, we start rolling and he asks "what are you going to do if the engine quits?" My reply of "UMMMMMM" apparantly wasnt satisfactory and he pulled the throttle...
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    51% rule...

    The 51% rule has to do with professionals selling kits, or amatures hiring "professionals" to complete the work. Here lies the grey area. Your buddy that comes over to your house who has built 20 other RV kits to help you build your RV kit. Everything you do together is amature-built. Now you...
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    3/4 bearcat

    Frankly, I am surprised that noone has come up with a 3/4 bearcat or 3/4 Thunderbolt plans or kit. my idea of a dream homebuilt would be a scaled p-47 with a P&W-985....
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    Corsair/Spitfire hybrid

    Fixed gear or retract?
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    It always seems "awesome" until something >DOES< happen. IE.. P-51s doing formation landings
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    What gets the most Bang for a Buck?

    There are a lot of planes out there that can get you some good bang for your buck. Unfortunatley the "Bang" if you & your plane falling out of the sky. You can have "cheap" or you can have "safe" but you cant have both.
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    What makes for a good flying club?

    The daily minimums some clubs charge can be atrocious. 4hr min per day for overnight trips. Your weekend trip can cost over 1000 bucks. Understandable though, as the club wouldnt want an aircraft tied up all weekend for only an hour of flight time.
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    What is a good two seater without spending big$ ?

    Your going to spend. flying isnt cheap. Less than 10k you should look at a poward parachute or powered hang glider.
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    What is a good two seater without spending big$ ?

    You have a lot of unknown varibles in here 1) How big is the strip in your backyard? You have to dicern what can atually safely fly in/out of your field. 2) A C-150 and many others are STC's to run on pump gas. an o-200 burns what 4 gal an hour? All has to be factored into your budget. an...
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    What makes for a good flying club?

    As with any club, group, association, etc. etc., problems arise when the groups become too large. With flying clubs, everyone wants to use the airgraft on weekends. A lot of clubs envoke the "seniority rule" where senior most members get first access to the planes. Some clubs have 40+ members...
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    H-1 and H-1 Replica

    Has their been any analysis done as to just how aerodynamic the Hughes H-1 and H-1 replica was? We all know the speeds that Hughes and Jim Wright had there aircraft up to..... with aruably limited power. Jim Wright stated that the propeller he had on his craft actually started to bog the...
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    Rear Bear Vs. The Russian Bear

    Yeah... Time to put this thread to bed. Its more comical then technical.
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    Rear Bear Vs. The Russian Bear

    ok we'll call it 120 gal/hr. And we'll assume your using 60 gal on board. so were at 360 lbs in fuel WHAT? 25 gals of water or 200 lbs total liquid on board 85 gallons. Where are you going to fit 85 gallons in a homebuilt the size of an AR-5? Regardless, the weight of your fuel and...