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  1. n6233u

    Anybody with hot wire foam cutting experience near Savannah?

    I have always used a variable transformer with decent results and better wire heat control. Amazon link for Variable Transformers
  2. n6233u

    HBA First Annual Home Built Aircraft Meet

    I vote for Triple Tree, it doesn't get any more grassroots than a 7000' grass strip with plenty of spots to camp around it. Triple Tree Aerodrome
  3. n6233u

    Aircraft Speeds

    Having built a couple of aircraft I can vouch that build quality affects everything. I wanted to know advertised specs just to see where each plane fits in the grand scheme of things. The Kitplanes annual listing is what I was looking for, thanks! Is there one for certified aircraft?
  4. n6233u

    Aircraft Speeds

    Is there a list anywhere of experimental (and/or certified) aircraft listing their performance specs in comparison?
  5. n6233u

    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    EAA, HBA, VansAirForce, Hatz forum, Biplane Forum, Barnstormers and Flight Chops
  6. n6233u

    Best decision ever.....JUST DO IT !!!

    I had one of those young "time collector" CFI's wasting my hours to go commercial, we spent lots of hours (40+) flying the same pattern and/or occasionally doing maneuvers. One day we went to the practice area and did maneuvers, but he (we?) didn't check for TFRs and managed to bust one...
  7. n6233u


    I race cars and fly aircraft, in racing we always say "You'll never enjoy racing until you are comfortable pushing the racecar off a cliff". My insurance doubled last year, so I chose the liability only option. I feel the same way about my aircraft, I can probably safely land in a field or...
  8. n6233u

    Certificated to Experimental Exhibition conversion?

    Why not? It means we can do all types maintenance and/or possible upgrades and get a 2nd set of eyes at the end of the year to double check our work.
  9. n6233u

    Hogan's Heroes: Col. Klink's aeroplanes

    My only contribution to this whole thread ;)
  10. n6233u

    Mounting flexible solar panel on aluminum aircraft

    I have thought about putting one on my cowl, I'd like to know where you found it as well.
  11. n6233u

    Build area tips and advice

    Air compressor and air lines? I have them all around my shop and there is never one where I am working at the time, I have added 1/2 as many outlets since originally building the shop and still could use more. Bright LED lights everywhere, shadows when you are blocking the light is frustrating.
  12. n6233u

    Are there plans for a scratch builable amphibious aircraft

    They were complete, but I think you could swap out wings from other sources.
  13. n6233u

    Are there plans for a scratch builable amphibious aircraft

    I purchased plans for the Volmer many years ago with an idea of eventually building one. The local EAA chapter acquired one in need of repair a year or so ago and they should have it back together in a year or so. They are well designed and built strong, but be prepared for a lengthy build time.
  14. n6233u

    Spaceship 2 amphibian

    I wonder if it can be scaled up, that would make for a sweet 4 seat plane with 150 hp.
  15. n6233u

    Best Cheap Hanger Door I have ever seen

    I find that hard to believe, that would mean that every garage door wouldn't meet the wind loading requirements.
  16. n6233u

    For Sale BD-5B Airplane Clean

    Nice looking plane, I have always wanted one but didn't know if I would fit in it.
  17. n6233u

    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Very interesting - I wonder if the same is true for a ducted fan propellor setup?
  18. n6233u

    Triple Tree 2019

    I am hoping to fly down one day during the week and then return on Saturday with our Camper for the evening festivities.
  19. n6233u

    For Sale Craigslist

    Tell me more! Where is it?
  20. n6233u

    Ebay Today

    LOL! I was thinking the same thing, are the Ebay posts only after no one has a chance to bid ?