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    Solidworks question

    It sound like what you want might be "Horizontal Ordinate Dimension" found under the "Smart Dimension" dropdown as Jay mentioned. If you are trying for a certain set interval, you can make a sketch and repeat the lines using the "Linear Sketch Pattern" function. Justin
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    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    FYI the main website Hoerner Fluid Dynamic Drag - Hoerner Fluid Dynamics seems to have gotten their SSL back into place so it is secure now. Justin
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    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    Mainly I'm looking for design heuristics like "don't start fuselage taper until after the wing TE", etc. Things like that have been discussed on this forum and a lot of books I have reference Hoerner as does Mike(?) Arnold in the youtube vids from the "Arnold Company". Any suggestions are much...
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    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    Thank you I sent them a contact request.
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    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    Oh boy that looks impossible to read. Thank you for the heads up! Justin
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    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    Hey everyone, Anyone want to sell their copy of Fluid Dynamic Drag? I see there is a website selling them but it is unsecure and I don't want to put my credit card info in there. Anyway, let me know if you want to offload yours for some $. Thank you, Justin
  7. J

    Sonja Englert Engineering

    These vids are awesome, thank you for posting the link! Justin
  8. J

    Liability insurance for a self designed bird?

    Hi Austin, regarding your suggestions for reading material. If you have any physics, math, or basic engineering knowledge, skip all the others and get Snorri Gudmundson's book. I have and have worked through virtually every design book, including both of Raymer's books, Nicolai (early and...
  9. J

    Improving fuselage shape

    Thank you for the info and reference. I hope to find that "Master Lines Manual" and pick it up but there's nothing available right now. Most of my knowledge is regarding the Spitfire, but occasionally the Mustang gets referenced in there. I have read a couple places that the Mustang produced...
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    Improving fuselage shape

    Several design books don't fully address the issue of the fuse and effect on the section lift of the wing. In Gudmundsson's book (far and away the best one but not perfect) he shows how the section lift drops dramatically at the fuse via analysis by VLM software (I think). He suggests that in...
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    Goodyear Wheel/Brake catalog or reference list

    Thank you so much! Oddly enough google had archived the small ones from your website. I'm looking at a 6.5-10 so the larger one helps a ton too! Hopefully I'll have something really neat to show from this before long. Justin P.S. Are the brakes as bad as you hear about? I need a slim...
  12. J

    Goodyear Wheel/Brake catalog or reference list

    Hello Crew, Does anyone have an old Goodyear wheel and brake catalog or index of what part numbers were used on what aircraft? I don't need the tire catalog, that is still readily available. Thank you in advance! Justin
  13. J

    Half Scale B-25

    That is very cool! Good luck moving forward:) Justin
  14. J

    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    That was really neat to see! Thanks for posting. Justin
  15. J

    P-51 Mustang Replica Tehnical Question

    Unfortunately that shop (shown in the link, in CDA, Idaho) just went up for sale. It's around $400k +/- . No word on the business, could be moving to full production facility though or who knows. Justin
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    Legal question about copyright

    For a fairly recent reference on this, look into the Ferrari GTO and the replica kits that have been produced. Ferrari was able to shut the replicas down at first, even going so far as to having the design declared "Art". However, upon further legal action in the last couple years, Ferrari...
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    Surfaces 2.8 - Aircraft design and analysis software

    The professor that pushes it is Snorri Gudmundson, his book on aircraft design is outstanding. It is by far the best one, although incomplete in some ways and not perfect. He apparently was involved with the Cirrus Vision Jet. I don't know about the software personally, however, except from...
  18. J

    Barnaby Wainfan's EAA 2020 "virtual OSH" forum

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and info! Justin
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    Where does one find an aerospace Engineer to hire

    I will add some info that you will soon find out, DAR is going to be quite high. Some of their personnel are much higher in $/hour than the figures mentioned here. If you are good with Solidworks then you can save some money. If you know your preliminary design (conceptual design) (I...
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    BF109 G4 scratch build 1/1 scale

    From where did you pull your dimensional information from? Original blueprints? Justin