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  1. J

    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    Hey everyone, Anyone want to sell their copy of Fluid Dynamic Drag? I see there is a website selling them but it is unsecure and I don't want to put my credit card info in there. Anyway, let me know if you want to offload yours for some $. Thank you, Justin
  2. J

    Goodyear Wheel/Brake catalog or reference list

    Hello Crew, Does anyone have an old Goodyear wheel and brake catalog or index of what part numbers were used on what aircraft? I don't need the tire catalog, that is still readily available. Thank you in advance! Justin
  3. J

    Aerosport Engineering V-12 info

    Hello, Could anyone here help me out with some contact info for Ole Ringstad with Aerosport Engineering? They have a really nice looking V-12 they're working on for aircraft use: However, no one is responding on facebook and their website is not functional. If anyone has hard tech specs that...
  4. J

    What scale and composition of your favorite Warbird would you purchase?

    Hello Everyone, This is a question I've been kicking around ever since I discovered the Supermarine (Texas) ~75% scale Spitfire. In the youtube video comments people asked "Why not just do 100%?" Their answer of course was that the weight goes up dramatically and they say you need a huge...
  5. J

    Hello from Idaho

    Hello Everyone, New member here checking in. This site has been one I've read for a couple years now. Seems like a lot of really solid info. Not currently building anything, have a 182 but am interested in learning aerobatics. Tried to a supporting member but it's making me try to create a...