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    Polini Thor 250 DS ? any info / feedback/ opinions?

    anyone have any information, or better yet any experiences with this motor? https://www.badlandaircraft.com/product/polini-thor-250-dual-spark/ I'm kind of thinking of pulling the trigger on that new Merlin Lite that just came out apparently
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    Military surplus in the crate teledyne 84 CI available new 400 bucks

    I know absolutely nothing about this motor. just stumbled across it. figured may be someone here interested - price seems right https://fresno.craigslist.org/avo/d/fresno-military-surplus-airplane-engine/6987204944.html
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    Jabiru 3300 ?

    Anyone have any feedback, good , bad, cautionary about the jabiru 3300?
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    Elsa, SLSA, Importing into USA? Tapping your knowledge

    Ok everyone, I'm veering off topic here, please forgive me, but I think this site is a great collection of knowledge and experience, so maybe someone here can provide info, guidance, insight? So I'm looking into buying a used aeroprakt A-22. They are sold here in the USA by a distributor...
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    Cost to have 503 checked?

    OK guys, Looking at a plane with a 503 on it. engine has 250 hrs. I figure it would need to be sent in / checked and "rebuilt" by some certified Rotax service center. So the price to do that , is what I am trying to figure into me deciding if it is a good price or not? any one have any...
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    any feedback\: Kolb firestar II, w 503

    been looking at projects to build, kind of gravitating toward the Excalibur. In the meantime a Kolb Firestar II just came up for sale. anyone have experience or feedback plus and minus's? the price seems very reasonable, and i'd have something to fly while i was working on my kit!
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    challenger 2 vrs excalibur?

    don't know if I'm pulling a scab off a wound here, but I'm hoping for opinions / experiences here. so im looking for something fun and relatively safe to just mess around with. If i was smart, i'd probably just buy skypilots RV3 for sale here. But I was starting to gravitate toward the...
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    jusr saw this in Utube. interesting , may be a good option for some here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ICzkgBMJx4
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    wheres BWB? Ampmeter? Cooper? Old timer Homebuilt usergroup

    Hello, I was big into Homebuilts in the early 90s. bult and flw a kitfox, Hung out on the Homebuilt user group - before such a thing as forums existed. hung out with Badwater Bill, Tommy Cooper, John Ampmeter, Reverand Pinkass, John Stricker, Bob Urban, - How I never got arrested I'll...