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    Firewall Forward max weight reasoning?

    I’m trying to understand what drives the maximum firewall forward weight. Since the Engine is cantilevered, I am assuming that one component is simply the stress on the engine mount. If this is the case, then an airframe max g could be derated. Another factor is elevator control authority. This...
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    Do extrusions (non cut side) need to be polished?

    I was reading through the Zenith construction standards and there was a mention of the need to remove all cutting marks as they may be stress risers. That makes sense to me. I wouldn't consider extrusion surfaces to be smooth. They often have lines that show the direction of extrusion. Do these...
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    Bolt holes, burr and fatigue life effects

    I've been told that not properly deburring can lead to decreased fatigue life in a bolt hole. I'm trying to go through the mental exercise of how burrs affect the fatigue life on a joint. Haven't found a good explanation yet on the internet. I understand how a crack that is cyclically loaded may...
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    Spinning and unremoveable nylock. Any tips?

    Hello All, I've got an An3 bolt with an nylock nut that I was attempting to tighten on some metal parts. For some reason, I couldn't achieve the appropriate tension. When I tried to remove, I noticed the nut would spin, but not descend down the thread. Yes, I held the bolt stationary. I'm...
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    Where to buy pre-bent stock aluminum sheet metal?

    Looking to purchase some prebent 0.032" and 0.025" 6061 Aluminum C channel. It seems like it would be a common thing, but can't seem to find a source. I tried Aircraft spruce, Wicks, but no luck. Thanks!
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    Repair of compromised Longeron

    Hello All, I'm the proud owner of a new Sonex. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the previous owner's work. In a few instances, he redrilled holes next to others and near edges, seriously compromising the structural integrity of the piece (in this case, horizontal stabilizer spar)...
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    Joining Composite Tubes

    Hi All, I'm looking to build a truss structure from fiberglass tubes. I haven't seen a lot on how to join pieces together. Most of the stuff I have seen is about extending a tube using an insert. In Solidworks, one can miter a joint to make them fit well together. My current thoughts is to do...
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    Match hole mismatch

    We've started putting together a RV-12 kit, which has match drill holes that we drill to final size. When we assemble pieces together, we sometime note slight misalignments that doesn't hinder a cleco going in, but prevents a pop rivet from fitting in the hole. We've been taking a drill bit and...