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    Flightview EFIS and EMs

    Open Flight Solutions is the new guy on the block for iPad EFIS and EMS marketed as FlightView. Anyone had any experince with them yet? It looks like a good product. openflightsolutions.com
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    FAA Form 8050-2 Bill of Sale

    Anyone know if the FAA will accept a Bill of Sale that has been downloaded from the FAA website and printed out? The last time I sent in a Bill of Sale the feds would only accept the original form. I had to go to the FSDO and pick up a copy. I can't get the local FSDO to answer the phone and...
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    Aerotowing Webinar June 9

    Here is a link to an Aerotowing Webinar scheduled for June 9. https://www.faasafety.gov/SPANS/event_details.aspx?eid=100461
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    Copper State Fly-In

    Anybody going to the Copper State Fly-In? New location, Buckeye Arizona. New date, the second weekend in February. Free parking and admission! https://www.copperstate.org/
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    You can't set the low altitude record

    You can't set the low altitude record. You can only tie it. Here's another example of low altitude buzzing with tragic results. In my opinion the pilot received a lenient sentence...
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    What did you do when you ran out of room?

    The wings had to go somewhere while I worked on the fuselage. Don't you think the colors went well?
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    Landing Out

    This might be one of the few times you would not want to put the landing gear down when landing out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EtYyYWErgI&feature=player_embedded
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    Short Video

    This is a short video of a Beaver taking off from the Ruth Glacier in the Great Gorge and flying over the ice falls. Be sure to watch it on full screen. http://www.alaskaflyout.com/video/pause-4-featuring-talkeetna-air-taxi
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    Alaska Highlander

    I'm finally done! mykitlog.com/jnealon
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    Fixed Pitch Prop That Performs Like a Constant Speed Prop

    This video shows the result of a test of the Duc fixed pitch propeller that performs like a constant speed prop. The blades of the prop are not adjustable in flight making it LSA compliant. However the design of the blades make the plane fly faster in cruise flight with lower engine RPM. The...
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    For Sale MC-5 Brake Cylinders

    I have a pair of MC-5 Brake Cylinders for sale. I installed the cylinders on my Just Highlander but am not able to use them because I have extra long gear legs and the cylinders are at too great an angle when the plane is on the ground. According to Matco the cylinders should be installed no...
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    Fuse Block

    I've been looking for a rear terminal fuse block for quite a while. I wanted to mount a fuse block on my panel with the fuses in view but all the wiring behind the panel. Bussmann make a good quality fuse block but I had a hard time finding one for sale retail. I finally found a small company...