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    Electric SSDR Motor Glider

    The following is the rather delayed action of my inspiration derived from Topaz' Conceptual Design of an "Inexpenseive" Single-Seat Motorglider. Like that thread this is probably only a conceptual design but is more of a feasibility study than anything else: Is it possible using today's...
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    Aileron Balancing

    I have a question regarding aileron balancing and would like to bounce my understanding off the collective wisdom of the forum. I think that ailerons can be balanced dynamically and/or statically. 1. Dynamic balance is done to reduce pilot force input requirements and is achieved by having...
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    AIR ATOS Wing - 3axis from a trike wing

    This is an interesting concept. These guys have built a 3-axis aircraft using one of their high performance trike wings. http://sustainableskies.org/project-atos-wing-explores-ultralight-electric-soaring Not too sure about spoileron control effectiveness but I think that’s a function of...