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  1. Staggermania

    Merlin/Virus/Ranger/Lone Ranger Inspired Carbon Ultralight?

    I have been following the the Ranger and lone Ranger threads of FritzW and RTMF, respectively, along with the different Affordaplane threads, Quickbuild(ish),as well as others. My thought would be to have a molded carbon fiber fuselage in the style of the Merlin PSA or Pipistrel Virus, but...
  2. Staggermania

    Anyone have a GA37A315 file for solidworks?

    I'm trying to trace a couple of different airfoil pictures of the GA37A315 copied from online sources, but not having a lot of luck getting a smooth one.
  3. Staggermania

    Can anyone identify this airplane?

  4. Staggermania

    Was wondering about mounting a Lyco/Conti sideways?

    Given the dirth of direct drive, inline engine options available for narrow configurations, the thought occured to me, might a horizontally opposed IC engine be mounted on its' side? What issues might there be? Oil in lower cylinders is perhaps one, carburetor/intake another? What else?
  5. Staggermania

    Turbo squid 3D Models

    Found this site earlier, wondering if anyone has experience with them? https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-propellers-rockwell-ov-10-bronco/1140346 I was wondering if these models could be loaded into cad for design/engineering? Looks like Would like to build maybe 3/4 scale OV-10, and if...
  6. Staggermania

    Problems with searching

    Hello, When I am doing a search for anything on the site, I am getting the no results found response. I am able to leave the site and open a google search for the same term, including homebuiltairplanes in the search window with my search term, and google will find it. Any thoughts? Am i doing...
  7. Staggermania

    New Wing for Spencer Air Car

    I am seeking opinions for using a different airfoil on the Air Car I plan on building. For those unfamiliar with the Air Car, it is a 4 place amphibian, plans built (mostly wood, with a fiberglass cabin and skin over plywood, with a steel tube car frame connecting wing and hull and engine.)...
  8. Staggermania

    You've got to be kiddingme. Lycoming engine cost $100,000 +?

    So I'm looking at engines in the 300+ HP range, and came across the thunderbolt 580, which has a list price, according to Air Power Inc, of $133,000. Less if you exchange. Really? How does one come by an engine in this horsepower range at an "affordable" price, without going to an auto...
  9. Staggermania

    Spencer Air Car Mods

    Hey All, I am hopefully going to be acquiring a set of plans for the Spencer Air Car soon. I really think the Air Car is a fantastic looking craft, and it seems to offer everything I am looking for as far as capabilities. The modifications I am interested in have to do with reducing drag, in...
  10. Staggermania

    Question about Negative G's and load limits

    I see the load limits on aircraft and the negative G limit seems to always be substantially lower than the positive limit. So I am wondering what parts or systems of an aircraft are typically effected by negative G's more so than by positive G's. Or is this done to save weight/expense? ( I know...
  11. Staggermania

    OV-10 Bronco Replica- Redux

    Ok, So I have been looking at the Bronco threads and have done some scaling and crunched some numbers and have come up with the following - A 3/4 scale Bronco seems to work fairly well. Stats - Empty weight - 3000 lbs MTOW - 4500 lbs Wing Loading - 27 lbs sqft...
  12. Staggermania

    Just Daydreaming - A-10 Warthog Replica w/TJ100 engines

    Hey All, Just thinking out loud - Build a fuselage and tail section and mate with a certified wing from a light twin. Thinking tandem seating. Thoughts? Thanks.
  13. Staggermania

    Silly question (perhaps) regarding gross weight.

    Ok- The Bearhawk gross weight is listed as 2500lbs(2700lbs on floats). If it can do 2700lbs on floats, why not 2700lbs on wheels? I know the FAA gives an allowance for floats, but I, as the manufacturer, set the limits, right? Is Bearhawk not saying in their literature that the default gross...
  14. Staggermania

    Bearhawk w/M14P Radial to Monocoupe

    Hey All, I have always loved the look of the Monocoupe, and I really like the Bearhawk. I was thinking of combining the two by building a Bearhawk but using an M14P Radial, perhaps de-rated, instead of the O-540 to get close to the vintage Monocoupe look. The engine weights seem to be fairly...
  15. Staggermania


    Ok. So I have been looking at Amphibs, lately, and trying to think about what I really wanted. I came across the https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/bush-float-flying/8132-amphibious-aircraft-challenges.html thread, and the discussusion about amphibious campers/rv's.I would like to be...
  16. Staggermania

    Single Hull vs Twin Hull/Float Amphibs

    I was wondering what the advantages/disadvantages were of configurations like the Coot/Osprey types vs something like the AeroCat/Privateer types. Things such as landing, taxiing, docking, boarding, aerodynamics. Thanks in advance:) Brett
  17. Staggermania

    Tail mounted propellor

    I have been looking at amphibs like the Akoya and the Norwegian Equator, NEXT PARADIGM SPEC ----- AUTOMATED. EFFICIENT. USABLE. SUSTAINABLE. MOBILITY was wondering what the implications were of mounting the propellor on the tail. These are tractor props. I like the Equator for a couple of...
  18. Staggermania

    Want to build a Hi-Max

    So I came across the free Hi-Max plans and thought it would be a fun project, and a great learning experience. The only issues I have are reported problems with the tail authority and stability issues due to the severe angle of the turtledeck (or lack thereof), and perhaps it's durability. I...
  19. Staggermania

    Twin engine design question

    Just wondering at what engine seperation distance does engine out operation not produce serious adverse yaw? In other words, let's say I'm running a pusher with 64" props, and center to center of props is 96". I imagine I have to calculate the moment due to thrust for different centers, and then...
  20. Staggermania

    Tube Fuselage Structure

    OK, while I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my structures books, I decided to draw a preliminary fuselage design for my Badger, https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/aircraft-design-aerodynamics-new-technology/18817-twin-boom-pusher-design.html,, and would like your input. I am...