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  1. Exian

    Exian's composite planes

    I will talk about my composite planes in this dedicated thread. First project : EXIA, completed and flying well for almost 2 years (70h) - single seat, under french UL regulation - wing span 8,2 m - lenght 5,15 m - empty weight 130 kg - MTOW 210 kg - engine AIXRO XF 40, wankel type, 35hp...
  2. Exian

    Flap neutral setting for wing-fuselage junction?

    Hello! For my project (15 m racing class glider with electric propulsion) I will use the AH93K131 airfoil. Like all recent flapped glider airfoils, it was specifically designed so that : - The bottom surface is continuous with flap slightly up for optimal transition performance. Airfoil...
  3. Exian

    New member from France

    Hello to all HBA forumers! I already posted in a thread about the electric microlight from Foundationer, but didn't properly introduce myself yet. I have been following HBA for some years and finally decided to join the club, as I see some interesting discussions and people having similar...