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    Can you just buy the gearbox from newer rotax motors

    For those rotax operators out there ... can you buy just the newer rotax gearbox... or do you have to buy the motor to get a gearbox? Thanks
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    Canadian scratch building question mdra

    Hi fellow canucks...question for you I’m eventually going to register with the mdra ... but till then... I’m building a plane with aluminum wings... I heard you can’t prime the alluminum surfaces because the mdra wants to see the factory spec marks on the aluminum Any of you that have gone...
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    Engine mount Items

    This video has some good views of the engine mount at the beginning
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    Taking the motor out of the snowmobile RX1/Apex

    I`m starting this thread to help out with the first stage of this conversion...getting the motor out of the sled... If you have anything to add to help with this step...please toss it in this thread...
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    Rx1/apex power amperage output

    According to the snowmobile sites... the power out is 35amps at 5000 rpm....
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    The Prop windmilling on RX1/Apex engines

    The only issue ... I’ve come up with so far with the Yamaha conversion is that the prop windmills if you have an engine shutdown I didn't write this as a critique ..everyone involved in the Yamaha conversion is doing out of love of aviation...volunteering time and expertise... I'm not an...
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    Is it time Yamaha got its own section in the conversion dept....

    hi everyone I think the time has come for Yamaha to get its own section....all the threads can be moved there Looks like it's a contender
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    Anyone ever come up with anti flip over aircraft floats

    Anybody ever try to build safer amphibious floats
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    Are there plans for a scratch builable amphibious aircraft

    Just wondering... thinking aircraft... not floats attached to aircraft
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    The forums you follow

    Homebuilt air planes has quickly become my goto forum for general aviation questions and interesting aviation conversation What other sites do you guys recommend to follow? I’m following : Homebuiltairplanes EAA forum Bearhawk forum Zenith forum Van’s airforce
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    Question about reading glasses and passing the medical

    I’m finishing up my private pilots licence in Canada( rules probably the same for US) I took a break from it for a few years... I didn’t need glasses then at all... but now I need glasses to read, I have no problem with regular sight for driving/flying..do I need a prescription for those...
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    Buying a laser level...any recommendations

    I'm working on a making a wing jig and a laser level would be handy... Any of you have recommendations or things to look for in a laser level Thanks Michael
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    Do people steal glass avionics

    Hi guys as I bend and rivet my project questions bubble to the surface I’m a new pilot in training ...learning the ropes If you put $3000 in radio / avionics panel Is it safe at the airport ... is it really not an issue to worry about...I’ve not read any posts about it.... Just wondering...
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    IFR capable plane with auto conversion

    Hi everyone Another day... another question I’m building a plane that’s IFR capable But if I use an auto conversion it needs to use light weight props... Are there light props that can handle rain...ect... suitable and durable for IFR I’m building and working on my lic at same time
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    Press a button save the plane avionics

    I’m in the construction phase of my build... but you sometimes have a question Is anyone offering the press a button save the plane like cirrus does...does dynon have that feature or other experimental avionics firms?
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    Buying a salvage aircraft and crossing the border with it.

    Hi everyone I`m in Canada and I want to buy a salvaged aircraft from the USA or a large amount of parts from that aircraft...that has been storm damaged(flipped by the wind from a tie down) but many parts are still viable...welded rudder pedals...ect.. If an aircraft is scrapped...is it...
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    How does aircraft spruce roll up aluminum sheets

    Hey everyone I have to move some sheets around and was wondering the technique used to roll up big sheets of aluminum
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    You ever seen Plans for Jim Wickham model b experimental

    Just in case someone out there knows of plans hiding somewhere
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    Builder in Toronto Canada CH-640 and Bearhawk5

    Hi everyone Im building a CH640 and a Bearhawk5 with my son .... I've been reading the forums and learned some useful tips... Have a good one