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  1. freerangequark

    For Sale Parachutes - Matching Seatpack Softees for sale

    TWO MATCHING SEATPACK SOFTEES IN EXCELLENT CONDITION Just had them inspected and repacked for you. INSPECTION AND REPACK DATE - 12 July 2017 - May 2013 manufacture. - Aerobatic style harness. - Both are red. - No custom embroidery. - Includes 1 snap on "booster" cushion. - Includes 2...
  2. freerangequark

    A plane for the wife...

    My wife is looking for an airplane and I would love to hear some thoughts on a good airplane for her mission. 1. Light Sport 2. BRS preferred but not mandatory 3. 120-130 kts cruise 4. Tricycle gear 5. Two place 6. Enclosed cockpit 7. Suitable for the novice pilot. 8. Would make a good daily...
  3. freerangequark

    Taking Flight Flying Video

    Finished this up after collecting video over the last couple of flying seasons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUTjF1Jxm6s&t=161s
  4. freerangequark

    Advice needed - XC Flight from Chicago to Sacramento

    Hello, I'm hoping to get some route/flying advice for a late June VFR cross country from Chicago to Sacramento. The airplane, a Marquart MA-5 Charger, is a 150hp normally aspirated two seat open cockpit biplane. I have several hundred hours in the airplane but it has been pretty much limited to...
  5. freerangequark

    Hangar efficiency/use

    Hi, We have a 55'wide X 45'deep hangar with only two airplanes in it at the moment. We want to add a small bathroom to it but we are not sure where to put it in the hangar? I'm trying to anticipate more airplanes in the hangar but don't have any specifics at this time. Would we be better to...
  6. freerangequark


    MA-4SPA PRECISION AIRMOTIVE Carburetor (formerly Facet Aerospace Products (formerly Marvel-Schebler)) • $375 • FOR SALE • For Lyc O-320 891TT when removed, ADs complied with including 1 pc Venturi & Metal Float.
  7. freerangequark

    For Sale SOLD Qty (2) 600-6 6 PLY Monster Retread Tires

    FOR SALE $150 (2 tires) includes shipping to lower 48 states 600-6 6 PLY Monster Retread Tires 12/32nds tread Depth, Rated "Top Value" by Aviation Consumer®. Produced by Aero Wheel & Brake Service Corp. Aero WBS holds FAA certification to retread high speed aircraft tires up to 225 MPH...
  8. freerangequark

    For Sale 48" ACS-1550 Control Cable

    This is a brand new 48" ACS-1550 Control Cable with Bulkhead Fittings. $45.00 includes shipping (cost new is $96).
  9. freerangequark

    Rotec TBI installation. Question regarding override button.

    I pulled the carburetor from my O-320 and have begun installation of a Rotec throttle body. My plans are to create a mixture control linkage which features a spring loaded overtravel from the full rich position. The purpose of this would be to trigger the diaphram override button on the fuel...
  10. freerangequark

    For Sale Pacific Scientific 5 point rotary buckle harness (2 sets)

    For Sale Pacific Scientific 5 point rotary buckle harness (2 sets). There are no defects in the webbing, however due to their age they should probably get the webbing replaced. $95 per set + $8 shipping.
  11. freerangequark

    For Sale Marquart Charger Project for sale

    All KEN Brock fittings, All aileron and ribs finished. Two fuselages one is tacked together. Two sets tail feathers, propeller, spinner, set of windshields and numerous other parts included. Located in Wisconsin Matt Essmann 262-483-8569
  12. freerangequark

    Wanted Rotec TBI-40-4

    Wanted: Rotec TBI-40-4 in good working condition. Please contact me with photos and price. Thanks, Glenn freerangequark@gmail.com
  13. freerangequark

    For Sale SENSENICH 74DM6

    SENSENICH 74DM6 • $1,900 • Sensenich 74DM6-0-58 or 74DM6S5-0-58. Propeller can be legally flown as either model depending on whether your aircraft needs the spacer or not. Spacer may be removed via Sensenich General Installation Instructions. THIS PROPELLER IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION AND HAS...
  14. freerangequark


    FOR SALE: PA-28-150C SPINNER & BULKHEADS $750 PA-28-150C Alum Spinner & Bulkheads. freerangequark@gmail.com Glenn Gordon Owner - located Poplar Grove, IL Telephone: 847.217.4786
  15. freerangequark

    Wanted WTB: Lightweight Starter

    WTB: Lightweight Starter Does anyone have a 12V lightweight starter that will fit a narrowdeck O-320? -Glenn
  16. freerangequark

    Model Biplane Welding Kit

    I designed this little welding project biplane. If I can garner some interest here I was thinking about laser or water jet cutting a bunch of kits for this. The biplane has a wingspan of 9.5" and is 8.6 inches long. I would laser or waterjet cut the parts into a plate of 0.100" 4130 steel. I...
  17. freerangequark

    Softie Seat Pack Parachute

    Hi, Does anyone in the Chicago / So. WI area have a Softie Seatpack that I could try on for me and my plane? I want to make sure I'm pleased with the fit before I order them. I could fly to you this weekend and would be happy to give a ride :) Thanks, Glenn
  18. freerangequark

    ICOM IC-A200 question

    Does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) using the built-in intercom features on the ICOM IC-A200? I am considering this for an open cockpit biplane. Each stickgrip would have a button for transmitting and another button for intercom communication. (no hot mikes) Are there any issues...
  19. freerangequark

    Cleaning out varnish in the aux fuel tanks.

    My airplane has two wing tanks on it that look like they haven't been used in a long time. I want to make one useable for fuel, and the other useable for smoke oil. The tanks have a tacky honey colored residue in them that doesn't look like sealant. I suspect that it is varnish from fuel...
  20. freerangequark

    Yuma Colorado

    Hi, Are there any members here near Yuma Colorado (Not Yuma Arizona) who might be able to lend me a hand? There is a project there that is being sold by the son and widow of the gentleman who was building it. Unfortunately neither of them are knowledgable about the project and cannot answer...