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  1. foolonthehill

    Hirt Trio

    Anyone know what became of this aircraft? I was reading an old Sport Pilot issue where it was a big cover story, and I've never seen or heard about it since.
  2. foolonthehill

    Nw guy, kinda

    Hey folks! I'm new to this site and forum. I couldn't rember if I'd done an introduction, looked around and couldn't find any so here goes...I'm an old guy. Air Force veteran, life long drag racer, motorcycle racer, pilot for 30+ years, and A&P, although I've never really worked in that field. I...
  3. foolonthehill

    Newbie here

    Hi y'all, new memeber here now living in the south central Kentucky region. I'm not building anything for me right now, but I am th evendor for the complete airframe for one LSA/EXP aircraft manufacturer, and I build composite parts for about 8-10 other aircraft. I'm a career aerospace guy, with...